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Positive, Happy News for Folk Festival Weekend

The Folk Festival starts tomorrow so Lowellians need to hold hands, sing Kumbaya and be nothing but positive over the next few days Welcoming tourist (and their $$) into our City. Even I’ll be positive and share good news and … Continue reading

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Finn’s Pub Reopening TODAY!

Another loss for the City License Commission today. Finn’s Pub has been granted permission to re-open effective today and will do so. I don’t have full details yet but will update when available. In the meantime stop in for some … Continue reading

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Examiner: We did not receive replies from any member of the Lowell City Government,

That’s probably the reason why no one in the city government wants to talk about the deals offered to these officers – they are a shameful embarrassment to the city and there is no justification for them. From the Bay … Continue reading

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Thank You for Your Service – Lowell Police Sgt. Tom Fleming

I think I may have met Tom Fleming once or maybe twice. I did know his brother – Fr. Jim and his sister from working Camp Fatima. I’ve lived here in Lowell all my life and have seen now Sergeant … Continue reading

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Sunday Leftovers served on Monday….with an add on

Advertising for Asst. Manager position depends on what Asst. it is. I was curious the more I look at the 6 day job posting for the 3rd Asst. City Manager position. When the Murphy Administration posted for the DPD / … Continue reading

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