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Sunday Notes November 22 2015

Has anyone ever seen Lamont Cranston, Donkey Socks , Sokha Chum and Sam Meas in the same room at the same time? Interesting times ahead in Lowell Politics and for this supposedly “Kumbaya” Council. Cracks are beginning to develop and … Continue reading

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Other Districts have Delayed Openings, Why NOT Lowell?

After hearing from many parents School committee member Kim Scott filed this motion by Kimberly Scott]: Request the Superintendent develop a plan to implement a delayed start in lieu of a school cancellation when appropriate. The new Supt. did exactly … Continue reading

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2 Hour Delays – Leaving Start Time at LHS and Other Items in this week’s SC Packet

The Lowell School Committee meets tonight and there are MANY important issues addressed and answered by the Supt.and his staff. I found all this information in the on-line School Committee Packet. Many of these will be of interest to many … Continue reading

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Party with State Rep. Rady Mom and the Statehouse Delegation

Who doesn’t like Rady or the Old Court? Here’s an excuse to support both and get golf tips from Rep Tom “duffer” Golden , Fantasy Football advise from State Senator Eileen M. Donoghue​ and Rep.Dave Nangle will be on hand … Continue reading

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Republican State Committee NOT Really Helpful in Gys Council Campaign

The Republican State Committee certainly did not give any great aid to Jordan Gys when it came to the Mailings they “did for him”. In fact it probably cost him more if not close to the same price if he … Continue reading

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City Councilor Bill Samaras Facebook statement on selecting Mayor

This comes from City Councilor Bill Samaras’s Facebook Page! The success of this council over the past two years has in many ways been defined by teamwork. Nine individuals putting the best interests of the city above all. That is … Continue reading

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A Return of the SOCK Puppet?

sock pup·pet NOUN a simple hand puppet made from a sock. a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views. If you recall a few years back a Lowell … Continue reading

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