Sunday Notes January 4 2015

Who's the Boss.
Who’s the Boss.

Agenda for City Council on April 10, 2012, 06:30 PM
23. C. Elliott – Req. City Council vote to instruct City Mgr. to develop the FY13 Budget without property tax increase.

Lowell SUN 2013
In the last two years, Elliott filed motions to make sure there would be no local tax increases, he noted.
“I do my homework, am prepared for meetings, and I’m not a rubber stamp,” said Elliott. “That’s how I’m going to proceed with my ninth term, if reelected, to continue to make our city government more open and more transparent, reminding everyone our city manager works for us, not the other way around.

There has been a lot of buzz about the Tax increase and who is responsible for this years increase. The Sun and Manager Murphy’s Administration have been trying to spin this as being a Manager Lynch issue.

The story includes this item:

City officials pointed to a range of factors that led to the tax hike, including having no increase in the tax levy — the total amount that can be raised from property taxes — in fiscal 2013 and 2014, other than revenue from new growth.

Yesterday on WCAP Manager Murphy stated it is the “Manager’s Budget” that gets approved. Did he conveniently forget that according to HIS “Little Brother” the Mayor, the Manager works for the Council?

Are we already beginning to see cracks in the Murphy / Elliott relationship? Is the budget created by the Manager with his outlook and vision for the City that he expects the Council to follow and approve? or Is it designed to include the directives and wishes of the Council?

Murphy stated on WCAP yesterday that it is the Managers budget. Elliot and several councilors have made it clear they believe the Manager works FOR THEM and needs to follow their vision for the City.

I pasted above Councilor Elliott’s motion from 2012 that was APPROVED by a MAJORITY of the City Council directing the Manager to construct a budget without a tax increase, something that we have seen over the past three budgets.

Manager Murphy, the Sun and many Council supporters would rather try to bend, twist and ignore the facts and use the former Administration and blame them fo what the Lowell Sun called on Monday the largest year-to-year jump since 2007

Rather than admit it was the so called “Fiscal Watchdog” Councilor Elliott along with Councilors Mercier, Kennedy , Caulfield and others that argued with and directed the Manager to NOT raise taxes with ringing and unwavering support from the SUN.

Lowell taxpayers may have been better served with a steady 2% increase over the past few years than today’s larger increase.

You can either knock Lynch for not fighting harder against these grandstanding,pandering Councilors or blame those vocal councilors who demanded no Tax hike under one Manager but supported and will support again this June a Tax hike from the mayors “big brother” under the guise of improving public safety and maintaining services.

Just don’t swallow the stories trying to be floated that take the blame away from Mayor Elliot, Bud Caulfield, Rita Mercier, Ed Kennedy and the other councilors with support from the Sun that kept your taxes artificially low and caused you the largest jump since 2007!