City Council Agenda Items of Interest Jan 6th

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The following items on this week agenda caught my eye. You can find the full information in the Packet posted on the City’s website.

Two proposed changes to City Ordinances:

Ordinance – Create (1) Public Safety Research and Planning Director (full time grant funded salary in LPD) to be used by LPD and LFD.

This is a result of a motion from Councilor Dan Rourke to create a grant writing position for the Fire Dept.

Ordinance-Amend Chapter 243-23.1 Sidewalk Signs and/or Sandwich Boards : This is a result of a motion by Councilor Bill Samaras.

Vote-License Agreement (Parking Early Garage) Merrimack Valley Radio LLC (WCAP) – Barter Deal

The Manager has some responses to previous Councilor motions:

Motion Response – Baystate Marathon – The Race Administrators will look at possibly changing the route so all bridges do not get tied up. In addition the City and Race Organizers will look at possibly having an Octoberfest type event that day to keep runners and friends in the city longer.

Motion Response- Petition re Track Chair Lifts for Vets – According to the Law Dept. you can’t tell the Feds what to do so don’t waste the time, its not really legal.

Motion Response – Police Vehicle Inventory – The McDonough Report is updated and the newest numbers above. Next up – Full INVENTORY List

Motion Response – Switching from GIC to BCBS – Contractually Can’t and may not save the same amount of money as other city’s / towns.

Informational – Update – Status of Smith Baker Center Property – Have we got a Deal for YOU! Buy the building for at least $300,000 and give us the receipts for remodeling cost of the same amount and we will give you back the $300,000..No really we will.