Big Decisions LLC HIGH SCHOOL? Councilor thinks Outside the box


Imagine the Trinity Headmaster’s Office, The Shaw Farm Cafeteria or the Pride Star Gym at Lowell High?

How about Raytheon presents Lowell High School!

Give City Councilor Corey Belanger credit, at least he is thinking outside the box. He has the following motion on the City Council Agenda this week.

C. Belanger – Req. City Mgr. explore possibility of corporate sponsorship to help defray the costs of
a new Lowell High School

Now before you laugh it off as a dumb idea, you need to realize that more and more cash strapped communities are doing this and the corporate naming isn’t limited to athletic facilities.

According to brochures it distributes to businesses in Central Pennsylvania, Market Street can negotiate “sponsorship opportunities” for almost anything with a physical presence on campus — libraries, administration buildings, cafeterias, conference rooms, guidance offices, nurse’s offices, art rooms, photo labs, band rooms and chorus spaces.

Even in MA. this is taking place:• In Newburyport, Mass., the high school offers naming rights to the principal’s office for $10,000, the auditorium for $100,000 and English classrooms for $5,000 each, according to its foundation’s website.

Imagine the possibility’s!!