Dracut Pride hangs on and beats Chelsea Politics

Selectman Joseph DiRocco  Courtesy of Lowell SUN
Selectman Joseph DiRocco
Courtesy of Lowell SUN

Someday the majority of DRACUT will wake up and make meaningful change! The Dracut Connection 5/5/2015

Really! that is all you need to know about the disregard and disrespect the Dracut Connection (John Zimini, Brian Bond, Phil Thibault and Bill Morin) group has for the citizens/ voters of Dracut.

Selectman Joseph DiRocco was re-elected to a fifth term Monday night, receiving 1,443 votes to Dracut Connection’s Co-Host Phil Thibault’s 1,300.

The Dracut Connection lost! It wasn’t only Phil Thibault, it was that group.

How do they feel about the loss? Look at what they posted on their FB page: We here at DC are obviously NOT happy with the results and because of that unhappiness, insult the majority of voters by stating Someday the majority of DRACUT will wake up and make meaningful change!

So THE DRACUT CONNECTION 4 CO-HOST feel that the Majority of Dracut residents who didn’t vote for THEIR candidate are asleep , out of touch and need to wake up!

Bill Morin and Phil Thibault never struck me as individuals who would be that disrespectful to voters but the site is that of the Dracut Connection and they are all listed as members and co-host.

Do they really feel that Dracut Voters are asleep and need to wake up? Is that a way to get elected by insulting voters? No wonder people don’t want to vote or run for office in Dracut.

There is a theory that most voters / homeowners in Dracut (and Lowell) don’t turn out for local elections because they think it doesn’t matter.

Just looking at the voting trends over the past 3 years, it seems to support that. Most people believe that Property Taxes will go up no matter who is involved, that candidates will say let’s Build a Better(insert town/city here) without providing any solid, true, usable idea’s and that one “group” is really no difference than the other.

It’s always an active group of citizens who care about their city and town who will turn out to vote in every election.

On Monday it was the group that has Dracut Pride, that believe a guy like Joe Dirocco who served the town in the fire Dept. before becoming a Selectman has the best interest of the town and its citizens at heart over a guy who had a former Chelsea Aid to a corrupt Mayor and a friendship with Federal Prisoner Mike McLaughlin spearheading his campaign attacking people and being nothing but negative.

Hopefully now all the people of Dracut will realize that there is no place in town for Chelsea Politics. A fact that has been shown with Mr. Z and the Dracut Connections support of Teddy K and Phil T and the election results showing defeat of both candidates.

A Majority of voters in Dracut have shown they will not support or respond to those tactics and now the majority of the concerned people of Dracut will begin to move on to real discussion and debate about REAL ISSUES of concern in the town.

The Dracut Connection are led by former Chelsea resident -Mayoral Aide / former Selectman John Zimini who since Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and Mike McLaughlin lost their political clout and has turned into a negative, sour, revenged minded person who has tried time and time again to reinvent a form of Chelsea Politics unsuccessfully in Dracut.

When you hear Mr. Zimini attacking Joe Dirocco and Warren Shaw and others remember he worked with them 2 years ago to stop the override. He was a regular with us on Saturday Morning Live during the Dracut Election Season when he was supporting Teddy K and Tammi D. but he’s become bitter and does nothing but attack and try to get the minority of people who think it’s an old boy network and that people who now serve in office just want to take care of their friends and family, or that candidates he and the DC support will stand up for the little guy / disenfranchised voter. ALL BS!


Look at the facts, who has been on a State or City payroll his entire adult life? Who has been associated with more convicted people who got him jobs? Who has family on the Town payroll? Who used his family to make donations to a politician to get a job? Mr. Zimini’s the Poster Boy of The Old Boy Network (if you believe in such things).


Interestingly, I was recently reading about Chelsea, as they looked back at their past, one in which saw the DC leader MR. Z moving out of Chelsea after being an aid to a Mayor who admitted to taking bribes and one who got Mr. Z a city then a state job. Here’s the beginning of that article which talks about the social and moral bankruptcy of that town because of the Chelsea politics.

On September 12, 1991, the city of Chelsea collapsed under the weight of social, moral, and economic bankruptcy. After decades of falling into the ground, its population fleeing to the suburbs, its housing stock tired and old, its politics hopelessly out of control, the city went broke. When it was over, four former Chelsea mayors who held office from 1977 through 1991 either went to jail or were held under house arrest. A Chelsea police captain was sent to jail and several officers were indicted or forced to resign.

That aid/ former Dracut Selectman was fired from his job with the Executive Office of Workforce Development as an investigator by Suzanne Bump and during that time of unemployment he not only collect his selectman salary but also used the town’s health insurance because his wife is employed by the Dracut School Dept.

Four of the five selectmen accept health insurance: Joe DiRocco, a retired Dracut fire chief; John Zimini, who is enrolled through his wife, Kristen, a paraprofessional with the School Department; board Chairman Robert Cox, a Dracut businessman; and attorney George Malliaros. James O’Loughlin, a state Lottery Commission employee, does not accept town health insurance.

Remember that when Zimini talks about people who shouldn’t receive stipends or health insurance…he never admits or offers the above information. When he discusses it now, he does so strictly for pure political purposes.

Remember that Mr. Z “retired” from his job at Mass Housing and chose “not to run for re-election” after Lieutenant Governor Murray drove his car into a ditch and was forced to resign after his association with Mike McLaughlin was exposed. McLaughlin was in trouble for hiding his real salary, falsifying records, illegal fundraising and arrested then sentenced to a federal Jail.

Knowing his past and his closeness to these men and their type of activities Mr. Z stepped aside, knowing if he did run again he would be exposed by the press. It was already noted in the Sun about his closeness with McLaughlin:

In a controversial move, Brian Bond showed up at his first official Housing Authority meeting as the governor-appointed commissioner and voted with fellow commissioners Ken Martin and Ken Cunha not to renew Karabatsos’ contract. The board later reversed that decision and rehired Karabatsos over two other finalists.

McLaughlin, who at the time was executive director of the Chelsea Housing Authority, denied having a hand in the surprise vote. But McLaughlin was in constant contact with Martin and Dracut Selectman John Zimini throughout 2011, according to cellphone records obtained by The Sun.

McLaughlin phoned Martin 394 times and Zimini 217 times from January to October. McLaughlin was also in contact with Bond during key dates of the Karabatsos saga. On April 6, Bond changed his party affiliation to Democrat, paving the way for his appointment to the Housing Authority seat.

McLaughlin called Bond at 2:04 p.m. that day. The call lasted six minutes. Just 20 minutes earlier, Zimini called McLaughlin. That call lasted four minutes.

So Dracut Pride won on Monday and hopefully more people will support those interested in moving the town forward in a positive fashion rather than in the fashion of a train wreck or in the style of Chelsea Politics!

DRACUT PRIDE beat Chelsea Politics Again!

Guess you could say “I GOT YOU” babe…