Superintendent Salah Khelfaoui, Dysfunctional Committee agree on MOU

DR. K incoming School Supt.

DR. K incoming School Supt.

The dysfunctional Lowell School Committee and the incoming Superintendent of Schools Dr.Khelfaoui have, according to the breaking news in the Sun, agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding or Employment Agreement or whatever label you want to give it.

Jean Franco has been in the Lowell School district in 1980, first as a bilingual facilitator. She was named Assistant Superintendent for Student Support Services in 2002, later becoming the Deputy Superintendent. On Wednesday night April 27th 2011 the Lowell School Committee voted to hire Jean Franco has the Superintendent. She is currently earning $175,992 after 13 years of service to the students of the district.

Dr Salah Khelfaoui has been the superintendent of Winchendon Public Schools since 2012. Before that, he was the assistant superintendent for Arlington Public Schools in Virginia starting in 2010. For no years of service, no experience as Superintendent anywhere but in Winchendon, which this year has 1,345 students, Lowell will pay him an annual salary of $185,000. Supposedly he has NO term (length of service) written into the agreement and we don’t yet know if he has an out clause or if the committee has any type of out clause. This will be made public after the Law dept. finishes it and gets it signed by all parties.

Another slap in the face to Jean Franco! This “gentleman” whose current district has a reported LARGE school deficit is being paid more than the outgoing Supt. who gave the district 13 years of service!

If Jean Franco would listen to me, I’d tell her to go see her Dr. get a note and “retire” this Friday! This dysfunctional school committee who have been so disrespectful to her doesn’t deserve the class and dignity this lady has shown. Listening to her on WCAP today she has no bitterness and wants to do what she can to assist the new Supt. in his transition. She has more class than the committee and unlike them and their increasing pettiness and political infighting has always had the students has her priority!

While reaching this MOU with Dr. K the committee which made the selection process a joke with their squabbling, made the negotiation process just as fractured with at least one member trying to shove a traditional contract on this Superintendent and his fellow committee members.

While this committee has been fractured, split and petty in their infighting, word is leaking out all over the place that Steve Gendron who many thought was going to be a guy who could be a uniter and get people working together is being viewed by many has a big reason for so much infighting and fracturing. He seems to have developed a negative attitude dating back to the passing of the nepotism policy that only got worse with the treatment of Jean Franco by a majority of the committee. Many have privately told people he has gone back on his word on more than one occasion regarding issues and votes the committee has taken.

The anyone but Jay crowd who also are (imho) part of the crew with Connie Martin that drove out Jean Franco haven’t helped the image of the Committee and neither has the way they have handled contracts for the UTL or the Superintendents.

Is it any wonder so many people are running for School Committee given the dysfunctional way this committee has been performing?

Andy D

1 thought on “Superintendent Salah Khelfaoui, Dysfunctional Committee agree on MOU

  1. I have had it with most of our current School Committee. I do admit to being a tad confused as to who is with whom and wish you (or someone ) would clarify the Connie Martin side. We have lost 3 good superintendents to these people and for the sake of the children of Lowell , it is waaaay past time for a change.

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