School Committee infighting good for blog, bad for education in Lowell.

Wow! In all honesty, I generally get one or two emails or text messages regarding something I’ve posted. Nothing has blown up the way yesterday’s Posting did.

Yesterday the number of blog views was at a high but more impressive was that the text and email messages were blowing up in defense and attack of Lowell School Committee member Steve Gendron, in defense and attack of Kim Scott , KRS and comments on both Martin and Leary that were negative and positive. Most surprisingly, a lot of negative comments about school committee member Dave Conway.

Name calling and accusations

a lot of the txt messages and emails had negative comments and accusations against members but the one item both “sides” or “groups” agreed on “THEY” Don’t have the kids interest first!

According to the messages:
Martin has conflict after conflict with CTI
Martin & KRS both have huge CTI Conflicts
Leary is a bully and always has bullied female school committee members
Gendron is an obstructionious.
Scott just wants to try and manipulate parents.

Fighting to “Protect” new Superintendent!

Gendron according to the missives I received was in fact fighting to get the New Supt. a “standard”, term inclusive contract that provided him protection and job security. It was his insistence on a standard type contract that led to the blowout with the Mayor.

Gendron it is said along with Leary are the two most thoughtful and informed committee members in the view of those who reached out to me.

The messages I got yesterday was that most expect the new Supt. to get more solid support from the three Lang supporters especially since Conway and the Mayor will be gone after December. The majority of messages were to be wary of the 2 remaining supporters as they “flip faster than a coin at an NFL playoff game.” (my favorite line from someone yesterday).

The enemy of my enemy is everyone’s enemy!

The surprising consistent message I got yesterday was that Dave Conway has angered many different constituencies. I’ve had people join in when I have bashed Corey Belanger or Rodney but haven’t received so many unsolicited slaps at someone has I did yesterday.

Words like snake, sneaky, distrustful, petty and vindictive were the kindest things said about him.

My favorite line was ” He’s trying to be Elliott and tick off everyone only Elliott doesn’t make as many enemies because people stopped trusting him years ago. Up till the past two years people trusted Conway”.

I will say I had very little negative comments directed at the Mayor. Mostly the comments were from the perceived “anti or pro” Lang crowd directed at the six elected committee members.

Maybe it’s time for “Out with the old”

I did get comments defending the Parent Council, Kim and KRS including this observation.

” Ok, so it seems people are challenging whether they are doing the right thing for kids ?
Perhaps it should be noted that new committee members come and go and the dysfunctions continues. Maybe the wrong members are staying on!”.

All this infighting, including comments made by school committee members who were kind enough to post on my Facebook page makes for great blogging but highlights the dysfunctional divide on the School Committee and should give the challengers a great chance in the upcoming election.

So far all they have to do is stay quiet and let myself, the Sun and WCAP highlight the chaos on the current Committee and hope it continues through the election.

The School Committee infighting might be good for the blog but it’s bad for education in Lowell.

All members need to retreat to their corners, FOCUS on the future, support the new administration and put the students interest ahead of their own agendas.