Infighting among Lowell School Committee nothing New, just look at these stories.

The Lowell School Committee has a long history of infighting and back in the day had more colorful characters.

George Kouloheras was the most colorful yet even with his fights with Kay Stoklosa. or Mary Ann Sullivan neither women resorted to calling him a bully as some current female members have done to fellow male members today.

Maybe those women were stronger back then or thought it better to fight with facts over resorting to name calling!

Whatever the reason, most of the time these infighting sessions which were “lively” took place on the floor, and not in the “downtown bubble” or on social media (there was none). The fact we televise meetings has mostly put an end to these incidents.

Instead it opened a back door which allows social media to enter and to flourish. (Myself included)

Before you had to read the SUN and “The Column” to get the information on what happened at a meeting or the latest ” political rumors”. Now just tune in daily to City Life (George uses very few facts, does little to no research on any topic, but relies mainly on rumors), WCAP, this blog or Lowell Live Feed on Facebook and you’ll hear about the events, the whispers and the political rumors almost has fast as they spread.

In some ways I think it was better to see the infighting in person and not the 2nd hand and whisper campaigns that we see today, has I stated yesterday, it makes for great blog material (THANKS EVERYONE) but is lousy for the education system and for elected officials and candidates.

Funny how many issues such as expanding the High School or Teacher Contracts haven’t changed much but the way members would fight with each other out in an open meeting has. Now they sit with a smile on their face and an iPhone in hand texting or tweeting their complaints against a fellow member to a supporter who tells a friend who tells a friend who tells a blogger or talk show host and away we go.

Here are some pics and stories from those “Good Old Days”! Maybe we’d all be better off if the elected officials acted like their were no cameras and actually just stated what they felt instead of worrying about looking politically correct or having to make sure to speak on EVERY topic to get some free face time for their re-election bid.

Many Thanks to the Sun archive’s via and to Dr. Titus Plomaritis and his book “Titus” for providing me with the “highlights” of Mr. K and these old newspaper pages.

GeorgeBest of George

Hot School Board Meeting

George %22attacks%22 Kay

Teachers Picket House

28 Oct 1976, Page 53

23 Sep 1971, Page 51

LHS in 1970

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