Election Year turns up Councilor on Councilor verbal jabs.


The Kumbaya Council may be seeing some cracks, especially in an Election year and among two of the newest Councilors who are both rumored to be in the bottom 3 and on the bubble.

Councilor Corey Belanger who is the undisputed #1 Cheerleader for the City Manager and who likes to tell everyone he has support from the Gov and Lt. Gov decided to call out fellow freshman Councilor Dan Rourke on his apparent flip-flop in supporting the Manager’s choice to move the Fire Chief out of Civil Service.

According to Chris Scott in Today’s Column Blog: (bold mine)

But City Councilor Corey Belanger, who voted for the measure, said “I kind of saw it coming.” Asked to elaborate, Belanger said Rourke’s about-face could have been attributed to his close relationship with city firefighters, including David Keane, the president of the union which represents them. “I don’t know for sure but I would like to think he puts the city’s interests before those of the union,” said Belanger.

Belanger, calling out Rourke and saying he is not sure he puts the city’s interest before the Unions? OUCH what a shot!

The Irony of Belanger calling out a Councilor for flip-flopping is hilarious in itself. If you recall when he last ran for City Council he wanted the South Common used for 4 season recreation, then when the talk of a new High School Location came along he wanted the High School there only to later flip-flop again and support the idea to revitalize the Common.

Rourke who is very close to cousin Tom Golden and like Golden, close with the firefighters union was expected by most to support the rank and file, especially when you look at the fact that I pointed out in my Sunday notes that “Councilor Danny Rourke is the only Councilor with a campaign sign up at the Lowell Firefighters Club.”

Plus Rourke knew he wasn’t needed, Murphy had the votes and Rourke could make points with the Union by voting no.

Belanger not happy that he gets NO Union support from any of the Public Safety unions thinks it wise to then take a shot at Rourke? DUMB! even for Corey.

Look for more back and forth jabs among the Council, it’s an election year and those that are close to the edge will try to make themselves look better than others…should be fun!

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