Conway just kissing up or Mayor lining up support?


If you look at the Facebook page Rodney M. Elliott, Mayor of Lowell MA you will notice many pictures of the Mayor at various events in the city. Usually if he can, he has fellow Councilors Mercier, Belanger and Samaras in these photo’s.

Lately I’ve noticed that School Committeeman Dave Conway has been showing up at several events and posing for pictures like he was a fellow councilor and the Mayor has been posting them on his Facebook page.

If I were a sitting Councilor up for reelection or a challenger, I would not be to happy with either Mr. Conway or the Mayor. Allowing Conway to pose in these shots without identification people would assume he was a fellow Councilor in most of these pictures.

Why is the Mayor inviting Conway to pose in so many pictures for his Facebook page? The simple answer is the Mayor could be using his position and friendship with Conway to promote Conway’s Council candidacy.

If you notice Conway has always tried to associate himself with those people who get many votes. He was always dropping Sen. Steve Panagiotakos name, he filled in as the Mayor’s aide and he has been driving the #1 vote getter in this city Councilor Mercier around to some events has she recovers from her recent knee surgery.

Conway’s always hoping that the popularity of others rub off on him.

The Mayor on the other hand may be trying to build his own support group for a second term.

Again if you look at the pictures on his Facebook page he is always showcasing Councilors Belanger, Mercier and when possible Samaras. Conway should he get elected no doubt would be the Elliot’s solid fifth vote for a second term as Mayor.

Keep an eye on the Conway / Elliott connection.