New Names for Council and School Committee Races

A few NEW names and new faces are hoping to serve the City in an elected position.

Besides the names we have head on the Council side , Conway, Mendonca, Nuon, Yem there are a few other candidates who have taken out papers and two who have return them and had them verified while the 3rd is 1 signature short but has time to get a few more.

One gentleman who has had his signatures verified is named Pan So but I haven’t found a website or any information on him.

Meet Jordan Gys a Lowell native who has taken out and returned papers (signatures verified) to run for the Lowell City Council

Here’s an introduction that you can find on his website Gys:

Having been born in Lowell and having spent much of my life here I have come to love this city I call home. Having helped organize Lowell for the Baker – Polito campaign I have spoke with many of Lowell’s citizens and heard their thoughts and concerns. I found I shared in their optimism for our future as well as the desire to be better. I decided to run for city council because I love Lowell and while I respect the work our current city council has done I believe success is never final. As a millenial I will bring fresh and innovative solutions to solving our cities problems. Ahead of me is a long and difficult journey. But I strongly believe at the end of that road is not only a better future, but a better Lowell.

Cheth Khim, executive director of the Asian Business Association is one signature away from being on the ballot


Several other people have pulled papers but no familiar names and none have returned them. All the incumbents with the exception of Martin and Milinazzo have at least pulled them. Mercier, Elliott and Rourke have all had their signatures verified.

On the School Committee side aside from the names we have heard Hoey, Gignac, Roux and Decouteaux don’t forget Kamara Kay who has turned in his signatures and had them verified and will be on the November Ballot.

He has a Facebook Page that can be found here Kamara .


Greater Lowell Technical School Committee member Fred Bahou has also pulled papers for the Lowell School Committee but has not yet returned them..


A couple other gentleman have pulled papers for the School Committee but not yet returned them including a Domink Lay and Dennis Mercier. Incumbents Gendron and Leary have both pulled papers but to date Connie Martin has not.

You can pull papers up to July 31 at 5:00 pm -The deadline to return papers for the November election is August 4th and you need to make sure that at least 50 signatures of voters gets verified.