Challenger Gignac answers my Questions


Yesterday I posted that candidates need to do their homework and in my opinion these questions needed to be answered.

A) How will you address the Teacher’s Contract issue and what is your stance on negotiating?
B) Will you commit to supporting the current Supt. of Schools?
C) Should the High School stay or move out of the Downtown?
D) How will you work with your fellow committee members to insure that the dysfunction and personal animosity among current members doesn’t exist in the next two years?

Challenger and former Committee member Robert Gignac sent me the following response.

Hi Gerry,

Happy to answer your questions:

A) Initially, I would need to sit down with the school committees attorney and listen to the history of this current negotiation cycle. During my term on the committee we dedicated countless hours by putting together a set schedule to ensure we would get a deal done. Having a respectful and reasonable discussion with both sides of the table goes a long way. I participated in the last successful round of negotiations. I am confident I will be able to assist in brokering a deal that is beneficial to all parties.

B) Of course. The Superintendent will be working to develop his vision for the future of the LPS. In order for the district to improve and succeed, the committee needs to work collaboratively with the Superintendent in developing goals and working together to achieve them. I want to be a part of that process. I will bring forward my experience along with my vision for the future of the Lowell Public Schools.

C) Without having the feasibility study completed to this point, that is a difficult question. My gut response is to keep the HS downtown but without an in-depth study from experts, my opinion could change.

D) School committee members spend a lot of time together and getting to know one another is critical in being able to work together collaboratively as a body. Although I didn’t always agree with some of my colleagues, I was always able to work with them in a respectful manner. I often found myself mediating among some of my colleagues and imagine I will be able to do the same if elected. The goal of every committee member and committee as a whole should be to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the children of the city of Lowell. You must keep personal politics away from the position.

Robert Gignac

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