The politics of water II

Splash Pad

In late October of 2013 my pal Chris Scott of the Column Blog had a post with the title :The politics of water

In that post he had the following paragraph: Early last summer, Lorrey filed a motion seeing if the city could build a “splash pad” at the site of the now closed O’Donnell Pool.There is a similar aquatic playground at Shedd Park, and it’s very popular. Lorrey’s motion was warmly embraced. Earlier today, at about 1 p.m., Henri Marchand, assistant to City Manager Bernard Lynch, requested press coverage for a 4 p.m. “groundbreaking” at the O’Donnell Pool,”for a splash pad.” On a cold, blustery late October day? Yes, indeed, with the general election set for next Tuesday.

Later in the post he writes: “It’s very likely the city needs to begin splash pad construction in the fall so it’s ready for next summer. But scheduling the event so close to the election raises questions.”

If you look at Facebook on the Page named Mayor Rodney Elliott’s Facebook Page

There are two pictures that were taken last weekend (top and bottom of this page) featuring Mayor Elliott, City Councilors Mercier, Belanger and Leahy with the captions

“Ribbon cutting at the new O’Donnell Park Splash Pad on Gorham Street” and “Running through the splash pad with Councilors Mercier and Belanger.”

With the Preliminary for City Council just about a month away..Here’s a question to ponder: Why with Councilor Lorrey OFF the Council, did it take 2 years to get this project completed and how come it is done right before the Preliminary election?

Here’s another, we have seen former Councilor Caulfield at many events with this current council, anyone see former Councilor Lorrey in these pictures? Was he even invited to attend this event (The answer is NO! I checked)

I guess my friend Scotty might be correct when he talks about the ” politics of water”!


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