Auditor York seems to be correct in vacation practice pay dispute with Local 1705

York, Hannah upload

Outgoing City Auditor Hannah York, who may have been driven out by angry Union members,seems to be correct in her interpretation of the Law concerning overtime after receiving a vacation day or days, especially in light of the wording in the 1705 contract according to labor sources I’ve spoken with.

For years, members of Local 1705 say they were able to count a vacation day toward a 40-hour workweek, so if they had Monday off as a vacation day and worked Tues – Friday , if they worked after that they could earn overtime pay. While that practice may have been in place, it does NOT mean it was correct. The wording in the 1705 contract is pretty clear regarding vacation time.


The wording about vacations: The above does not relate to a regularly scheduled normal vacation time.

Appears to make the past practice argument moot because ” past practice does not prevail if the contract specifically provides otherwise. In other words, neither side can violate a contract and make it a past practice.

Interesting to note that the City Administration has settled this same issue with SEVERAL other Unions even though the City was in the right.

However Local 1705, whose contract has expired has refused to settle.

They have refused what I hear is a very fair settlement offer from the City and instead chose to continue the grievance process!

Wonder if the rank and file know that?? ….stayed tuned because Labor Issue seem to be piling up for the Manager.


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