Why do Bids stay Posted on City Site passed the Posted Bid Open Date? Available Jobs Posted

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If you don’t look at the City Website for Purchasing (or Jobs) , you may not realize the many opportunities that exist.

Once you play around on the Site for a while, it gets easier to navigate. The Site no Longer offers the previous 3-5 years of City Council Agendas and Packets that used to be available. No one has explained why.

Did you know Lowell was looking for a potential new MUNICIPAL PARKING FACILITIES MANAGEMENT Company to run the Parking Garages?


A Company to Repair them? Parking Garage Restoration

Care to sell, Solar Net Metering Credits to the City of Lowell?

How about Repairing a Boiler? Lincoln School Boiler Project – Site Inspection 9/4/ at 10:00 at Lincoln School so you may want to drop by.

I’m interesting in the number of Posted Items and why they are allowed to stay Posted passed the Advertised Open Bid Date?

Are these item NOT be awarded? Has the City chosen to do something else? WHO would know? Are Vendors Notified?

If an Item is approved by the City Council but the Administration wants to do something else do they need Council approval for making the change? Does the Council even have to be notified.

There was unanimous support to waste spend $500,000 on the Shot Spotter System, yet the Bid Opening was scheduled for opening August 12th. Were bids open? Did they meet the specs? Was the price lower or higher than the $500,000? Are contractors who bid, waiting for a response? Is the Council aware this hasn’t been processed despite their overwhelming support?

That is among a few items listed that appear should have been closed and awarded. One has to wonder what the hold up is on these items? Why are they still listed if the Posted BID OPEn Date has passed by several week.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.01.30 AM

There are also several Job Postings on the Website:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.22.47 AM

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