Pawtucketville Ward Six Voters being forced to vote out of Ward Six!


Lowell Votes is trying to get more people interested in voting.

The Lowell Law/ Election Dept. with approval of the Election Commission seems to be working had to discourage voters in Ward 6 precinct 2&3 (outer Pawtucketville) especially from voting by again moving their location.

Only This time out of the ward completely!!

Ward six voters in those precincts used to vote at the elks club but because they served alcohol they were moved or Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School.

Then they moved to Bryer Gardens at the D’Youville complex on Varnum Road. Now weeks before the preliminary they are being moved out of the ward over TWO (2) miles away to join ward six precinct one (1) at the Fusion Church on Mount Hope Street.

How fair is it if you live on the Lowell General side of Mammoth Road you are being forced to cross Mammoth road to vote. Ask the handful of City Councilors who live in Belvidere if they and their neighbors will cross Nesmith St to go vote at the Immaculate School?

For the past few elections Pawtucketville voters have been bounced around while the Belvidere Block has stayed in place. Why is the Sullivan School not being closed to voters if the Pawtucket Memorial is?

How is that fair to the voters of that Ward? Especially the elderly who have NOT been notified by the Election Dept? They don’t know that they have To go further than other voters to cast a ballot and no one does know has been informed has to why.

I don’t want to hear we are working to get out of all schools when there is no valid reason. not to use city owned buildings especially when we cancel school on Election Day and by law are schools are handicapped accessible.

There is nothing on the City website about a move, just a listed new location on the election polling page.

Why move them so far when the Wang School and Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School which have both been used in the past are viable and in ward six?

Lowell cancels School on Election Day in November and Lowell voters use the Robinson, Daley, Morey, Reily, Shaughnessy Pyne and Rogers School​ Gym.

If those schools are okay for the rest of the citizens why aren’t the Pawtucketville Schools? Where are Mayor Elliott and Councilor Rourke and why aren’t they fighting for these Pawtucketville residents?

What excuse is the Election Commision using?

There is n legitimate reason to not use the schools to vote and to make voters in Ward Six have to travel outside their Ward to vote?

Sadly either no Council challenger is paying attention and aren’t aware or like the Mayor and Councilor Rourke don’t care about these voters.