A little Texas sidestep or another case of an anonymous Councilor Whining?


Seems I made have caused some uncomfortable moments for Congresswoman Tsongas or at least her staff by posting a Campaign Party ticket for Vesna Nuon.

You could hear the beeping noise from Marlboro has her staff was backing away from the suggestion or knowledge of her “hosting” tonight’s event.

Apparently they are claiming that while she will be in attendance showing her support and possibly speaking at this evenings event her staff is telling people that she is not sponsoring or hosting the event.

While she does support Vesna Nuon she also supports many of the current councilors and challengers or so her staff is telling folks.

So now there are questions floating around the political bubble…Did the Nuon Campaign exaggerate her support? Was there a misunderstanding when she agreed to attend that they thought she meant host it? Is the Congresswoman doing the Texas Sidestep?

or is the anonymous “City Official” who complained about Councilor Rourke now whining to the Congresswoman? Is her staff just trying to appease some Election year paranoid Councilor(s)?

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