Voting Fiasco continues for Ward 6

Voting location

Pawtucketville voting precinct confusion resolved — for now or so the SUN and other thought.

Last week the City announced after the PCC and others were upset about a proposed move to the Fusion Center that”The Election Commission voted Tuesday to return voting to two schools where polling had previously taken place several years ago: the McAvinnue School at 131 Mammoth Road, and the Pawtucketville Memorial Elementary School gymnasium 425 W. Meadow Road.

So why have residents in Ward 6 Precincts 1 and 2 received the attached card directing them to vote at the fusion location?

The Lowell Election dept. isn’t making this easy for the candidates or voters!! Are we going to be told that the mailing was already sent out before the change was made? Did they not know that and did the election dept. Eda Matchak mention this error when on WCAP this morning? I didn’t hear it.

Did Chris O’Connor from the Law Dept. Eda’s direct boss, not know about this mailing or didn’t they share that information with the Manager’s Office so residents could have been told to ignore this mailing?

Hopefully Election Day will be smoother than the days leading up to it!!

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