City Unions may use Preliminary Election to send a message!


Most people think that next Tuesday’s Preliminary Election will be a quiet one that won’t really show anyone anything. There is talk in the bubble of only 5,000 voters going to the polls.

If anyone thinks that is the case then I offer a point of view to consider that could make the Preliminary more exciting and interesting.

According to some whisper’s that are just starting to circulate in the bubble…City Unions may use next Tuesday to send a message of unhappiness to the Administration and Elected Officials!

What IF the Teacher’s Union and their approx. 900 Lowell residents (plus spouses and extended family), Local 1705 Laborers Union and the Lowell Firefighters Union (plus spouses and extended family) encourage all of their members to turn out to show their frustrations with NO Contract, perceived Contract violations, their unhappiness with the way the administration has portrayed them and their overall frustration with the lack of contract movement or Grievances resolved and sent a message to the current City Council and School Committee who have allowed this to occur either by their actions or inaction’s?

What if all the Union Leadership encouraged their members to vote for ALL CHALLENGERS?

Think the Mayor who many on the teacher’s union side blame for the lack of contract progress would get a message if instead of finishing 2nd he finished 10th? If Jim Leary and Dave Conway finished 14th and 15th would they get the message the teachers, cafeteria workers and others are fed up with their inaction’s?

What would the message to Manager Murphy be if his main supporters like Councilor Belanger, Rourke, Samaras and Kennedy finished with the Mayor in the 9th – 13th positions?

Think the firefighters are happy with the way the Manager has closes 2-3 stations and painted them has overtime hogs? Is 1705 satisfied with no longer getting OT if a vacation day is used?

Unions have very little chance to express their unhappiness, they can picket or worse case strike but the public and the elected officials usually just ignore them unless it affects them directly.

What better way for the Unions to send a message to the Administration, Council and School Committee than to vote for the challengers? Could it upset the Administration and Council? Sure but they are not exactly rushing to help the firefighters, 1705 or any of the unions anyway, so what’s the difference.

The teacher’s can’t send a direct message to Gendron or Martin but they are both bright enough to see what happens if Leary, Conway and Elliott finish out of the top 9. They will get it.

At the very least it would make a meaningless preliminary interesting!!

If the Unions are not already thinking about it, maybe they will be now!