Preliminary Thoughts


The preliminary election is tomorrow, in 2013 6,696 people voted in that preliminary will we reach 6,000 this year?

Last election you had strong challengers like Jim Milinazzo, Bill Samaras , Corey Belanger , Dan Rourke, Derek Mitchell, Eric Gitshier and Stacie Hargas.

This Election you have Jim Leary, Dave Conway, Joe Mendonca, Vesna Nuon, Paul Ratha Yam and Jordan Gys.

Gys is my upset pick for top 9 tomorrow along with Conway and Leary. His family name and strong Belvidere connections should help with this low turnout.

Belanger and Samaras are my picks to fall out of the top 9 tomorrow.

Samaras, Leahy and Belanger will all suffer with so many Belvidere candidates running. Mayor Elliott whose highest finish in Ward 1 was at the High Street Firehouse will also drop a few points.

Look for a Rita – Kennedy – Rouke top three. Followed by Jim Milinazzo , Jim, Leary and Mayor Elliott with Conway, Leahy and Gys rounding out the top 9 followed closely by Samaras, Belanger , Mendonca , Nuon , Yem , Hogan and So.

Mayan Mitchell , Robert Merrill and Cheth Khim are my bottom three with Merrill being the candidate eliminated.

Listen to WCAP beginning at 8:00 tomorrow night for the results LIVE from the Blue Shamrock in downtown Lowell.

Please remember to vote, remind your friends, family and neighbors and good luck to all the candidates.

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