Top 10 thoughts from last night’s Preliminary.

Lowell City Council

Lowell City Council

With less than 4,000 people bothering to vote, here’s what I take away from last night.

1) The Sun drives both the Campaign and turnout. They didn’t bother to promote the preliminary or support any challenger or issue and the results showed it.

2) Challengers need to create or highlight an issue and get attention or November’s results will be the same. EVERY candidate is for public safety, economic development and wants to battle the opioid epidemic. How will you set yourself apart?

3) The Unions have given up. They didn’t bother showing up and won’t play any role in November. Who cares who they endorse?

4) Mayor Elliott and the Sun will attempt to downplay and attack councilor’s Leahy and Rourke. Mayor Elliott wants another term and if either finishes in the top 3 they could challenge that.

5) Belvedere residents like having 7 of 9 Councilor’s and saw no reason to show their hand yesterday choosing to stay home instead of going out to vote.

6) By doing so they also sent a message to Dave Conway and Jordan Gys, you didn’t say or do anything to get us out to vote for you. Bill Samaras was rewarded by those who showed up.

7) No matter how much of a nervous wreck she becomes during Election Season, Rita Mercier will be #1 for as long has she runs.

8) The Cambodian Community is like every other community, even with 4 candidates they stayed home like most of Lowell.

9) Between moving the Preliminary After it was set, the Ward Six voting location fiasco and lack of promotion until the final week, the Election dept. and Commissioners did nothing but embarrass themselves leading up to the preliminary.

10) Vesna Nuon will become an issue, people and the Sun will remind voters has the Sun did in the Sunday column the other day of some previous issues he has had. Belanger needs that to happen for him to move back into 9th.

Finally, Never believe any predictions I make, I’m terrible at it!

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