Sunday Notes October 4th 2015


Lost in the stupidity of the actions of a few students is the FACT that the young man elected was elected by A MAJORITY of his peers, showing that at least the MAJORITY of SENIORS at LHS have no issue with race but voted for the brightest, articulate most admired and trusted candidate for class president they had to choose from.

TO me, that speaks volumes about LHS and its students!

Here are the “unofficial numbers” from Tuesday’s Preliminary per the City of Lowell Website.

Here are some observation on those numbers:

Jim Milinazzo and Ed Kennedy TIED for 5th

The difference between Dan Rourke in 4th and Paul Ratha Yem in 13th is 544 votes.

The difference between Rita Mercier in 1st and Mayor Elliott in 2nd is 351 votes.

The difference between Dan Rourke in 4th and Bill Samaras in 8th is 136 votes.

The difference between Dan Rourke in 4th and Rodney Elliott in 2nd is 109 votes.

The difference between Rodney Elliott in 2nd and John Leahy in 3rd is 100 votes.

There is a lot of room to move between 2nd and 13. Who can get the people out is the big question?

Political Sides for Mayor and Council?


If you believe rumors and speculation then Mayor Elliott – Councilor’s Kennedy- Leahy and Rourke all have some interest in the Mayors position. All have ambition to finish in the top 4 (All smart enough to concede 1st to Rita). All will have an interest in who finishes in the 7-8-9 spots.

Along with the Mayors position, making things interesting is the “speculation” of a Council that might shift the perceived power balance in the city. Let’s call it Murphy vs Donoghue …. Supposedly:

On the Murphy side you have the Mayor – Councilor Belanger – Councilor Mercier
On the Donoghue side Councilor Martin – Milinazzo – Samaras

Councilor’s Leahy , Kennedy and Rourke are seen has being in the middle by a few , already committed by others and playing political chameleons by many.

Leahy didn’t support Murphy for Manager and surprised many by his strong showing. He has been working well with the Mayor and Administration. Watch to see if the Sun or a radio host of two remind people of Leahy’s Manager vote. They may also attack his school committee record or create a public incident that the column can keep rehashing. Remember the attacks on Bill Martin when he went from 3rd to 8th in 2013.


Will Rourke cave to political pressure from Cousin Tom and support the Murphy team ? Does he already? and are the rumors of his interest in the Mayors post just a political smokescreen like many think? Is he already lined up to support the Mayor? which maybe the reason this sign is still up? Watch the next few Council meetings, the motions and the rhetoric it may be very telling.

Was Kennedy “promised” he would be the next Mayor during the Manager “fight” which has been speculated? Has he flipped since the current Mayor seems to want to stay? Has he always leaned more toward the Donoghue camp? He is more pro-union than Murphy and would be the choice of many to be the next Mayor.

With Martin gone and his dropping 2 spots, there are some who think Samaras could flip and support team Murphy. Will Samaras feel obligated to support the Administration that promoted his son? Is his support for either side so uncertain that it is one of the reasons he dropped to 8th from 6th?

Did Belvidere not go out to vote so that the Murphy Administration could get a late Trick or Treat surprise Nov 3rd?

Have you noticed the Manager is very vocal in his support of this Council. Does that show confidence or cockiness?

Looking at the challengers in the top 13 speculation has:

Jim Leary – Vesna Nuon – Joe Mendonca on the Donoghue side, while Dave Conway and Paul Ratha Yem are seen has being on the Mayor’s side.

I’m not buying that on Conway because of his closeness to former Sen. and #1 Donoghue supporter Steve P but people have watched him cuddle up to the Mayor on the School Committee and even served has his Aide for a few days answering phones. Like Samaras people are unsure where he stands and if he will stay loyal or just support those who promise to get him elected?

If Leary where to replace Martin on the Council has it seems he may and either Vesna or Joe Mendonca could knock off Belanger you could see a power shift. That could also signal a return of the obnoxious disruptive councilor from the pre-Murphy era.


What will be interesting to watch is how the local media weights in on this and which side they try to protect or attack. Will we start to see slanted coverage or will they play it straight has they did in the preliminary?


We have already heard JMAC bring up Vesna’s past along with Bud Caulfield who also gave Corey Belanger huge props on the radio the other day. Could he be considering another endorsement?

A notice posted by the city prohibits entering units at 102-108 Westford St., an apartment building owned by City Councilor Vesna Nuon.	SUN / LYLE MORAN

A notice posted by the city prohibits entering units at 102-108 Westford St., an apartment building owned by City Councilor Vesna Nuon. SUN / LYLE MORAN

These are all things to watch between now and November 3rd in the Council Race.

School Committee challengers not separating themselves!

So far the school committee challengers seem content to just knock doors and hold fundraisers and not say anything of substance. They missed an oppertunity to be critical of a current school committee member using social media for political pettiness during the LHS issue this week. It shows the dysfunction and divide on this current committee and had no place and added nothing to an already disturbing disrespectful and disheartening event.

If you believe the committee should be respectful to the Administration and each other, then a candidate should have called out the disgusting political pettiness shown on social media.

Some adults where almost has bad as the involved students wanting to inflame the actions of a very small group of students and trying to create a divide that isn’t there.