Gov. Baker comes out in Support of WHO??? for Lowell City Council

From left, Lowell Mayor Rodney Elliott, state Rep. David Nangle and City Councilor Corey Belanger greet Baker at SaturdayÕs youth forum. SUN / JULIA MALAKIE

If you assumed it would be Mayor Elliott or City Councilor Corey would be Incorrect!  According to this Press release it’s  14th  place Preliminary finalist Jordan Gys!!

Yesterday Gys endorsed Rodney Elliott for Mayor..shortly thereafter Gov. Baker endorses GYS instead of Belanger ?  What’s up with that????


Is this another event in the battle for MAYOR?? Has Belanger endorsed publicly the present Mayor for another term?

Here’s the Press Release that Gys sent out (Jordan, you he must have forgot to send me  this)….just a question…did this come out BEFORE your appearance on City Life yesterday? Did Charlie see that?

Governor Charlie Baker Endorses Jordan Gys for City Council



October 6, 2015



Jordan Gys



LOWELL — Governor Charlie Baker today endorsed Jordan Gys in his candidacy for Lowell City Council ahead of this November’s election. 


“Having served in local government, I know the importance of strong local officials who advocate for efficient and effective government,” said Governor Charlie Baker.“Jordan Gys will be a leader on the Lowell City Council, and a great partner to our administration. To make Massachusetts truly great, we need committed and dedicated local officials in cities and towns across the Commonwealth, and I know Jordan will be one of those leaders.”


“I’m very thankful to the Governor for his support of our campaign, and I look forward to working with him to address some of the major issues that Lowell faces,” said Jordan Gys. “From tackling the opioid crisis, to ensuring public safety through expanded grants and programs, to holding the line on taxes, we have a lot of work to do in the next several years. The Governor is already a great partner for Lowell, and I look forward to working with him to help secure a better future for my hometown.”



A lifelong Lowell resident, Jordan Gys is running for Lowell City Council to secure a better future for his hometown. Gys helped organize Lowell and the surrounding area for the Baker-Polito campaign during the 2014 election, where he met with voters and was inspired to run for local office. With an optimistic vision for the future and a plan to tackle critical issues that the city faces, Gys is running in the November 3 city election. As a millenial, he will bring fresh and innovative solutions to solving Lowell’s problems. Click here to visit his campaign website.


Jordan Gys for Lowell · United States






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