Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

“Official” FINAL Preliminary City Council Results

The Lowell Election Commission has to “Officially” except the final numbers after all city elections, there is usually a few added votes due to either Military ballots , Absentee ballots or provisional ballots being accepted and added.

John Leahy and12th place finisher Dave Conway each added 5 votes

Rita Mercier – Rodney Elliott -Jim Leary , Dan Rourke and 11th place finisher Joe Mendonca all p/u 4 votes

13th place finisher Paul Ratha Yem  and 18th place finisher Robert Merrill  p/u 3

Ed Kennedy – Bill Samaras – Vesna Nuon  and 16th place finisher Cheth Khim each p/u 2

Jim Milinazzo -14th place finisher Jordan Gys – 15 place finisher Pan SO – 17 place finisher Martin Hogan all p/u 1

10 place finisher Corey Belanger  and 19th place finisher Mayon Mitchell did not pick up any.