Sunday Notes Oct 18th 2015


In 2012 Residential Ta Rate in Lowell was $14.77

In 2013 Residential Tax Rate in Lowell was $15.01

In 2014 Residential Tax Rate in Lowell was $15.14

In 2015 Residential Tax Rate in Lowell was $15.48

Lowell is working on traffic improve to what the State calls one of the Worse Most Dangerous intersections in the state Bridge St and the Blvd. They are working on Westford St and Gorham St.

Fios has stated they are not coming to Lowell and the administration is looking at creating a City Cable Company with Council approval.

Seems Conway is either attacking current Councilors or this Administration with this mailing. Interesting what a 13th place Prelim Finish will do.

Show me the MONEY! 

The City Council (much to my own disagreement) abolished the need for Chapt. 17 funds which was put in place when Lowell was under State Financial Control after Manager Lynch under the former council used $2 million to meet net school spending. That money needed to be replaced if we kept chap. 17. That left $2 million which they transferred into a different account. They also used 1 Million dollars in Salary reserves that Manager Lynch had put in place to settle contracts.

So if a former Councilor running for election is claiming the have used $8 Million in reserves can he please provide specifics? I just showed $5,000,000 that was Technically reserves but this Administration and Council publicly used this money with little opposition from the public.

Where exactly is the other 3 Million and why didn’t you speak out then as a concerned citizen?

Like it or not the Sun controls the Election

Think back to 2013, stories about shots fired or stabbing someone would be front page news. Inability to fill the Auditors position or the way reasons behind Hannan York leaving would have been front page news. The made up story about the women hater appointed to the Election Commission was good for 10 stories and 2 editorials.

2015 and shootings, stabbing someone are on page four or five, the inability of this Council to hire a qualified Auditor, the inability of the Administration to hire a Health and Human Service Director 4 months after creating the position and reappointing a family member of an Asst. City Manager to the License Commission gets no press.

Remember when then Councilor Elliott drove out  treasurer simply because he golfed on a trip with the then CFO?

With the exception of the series of questions and answers to candidates and the upcoming candidates night, it would be hard to know from the SUN there was an election.

Part of the reason is in 2013 the Sun was out to replace then Manager Lynch and went after him and any Councilor who supported him. They got the Manager and Council they wanted and want to keep them at least for now.

Agree with them or not there is no doubt in my view that radio, Cable shows ,any Facebook Group or Blog all combined  have the power to change,set or affect the narrative of an election the way the SUN does at least in a municipal election. They proved that in 2013 and are proving it again in 2015.

Yem first candidate I’ve heard with Solid New Proposal 

I’ve enjoyed posting position papers for Kamara Kay and the opioid piece by Jordon Gys but Paul Ratha Yem is the first candidate I’ve seen propose a new solid idea. Here it is:


LOWELL, MA: After meeting with young people in the city over the weekend, Paul Ratha Yem, Candidate for Lowell City Council heard an overwhelming majority of young people attending the meeting asking to form the city first youth commission. Teens look for way to address issues relating to the opiate/drug addiction, gang violence, teen pregnancy, employment, higher education, community service and the recent racial issue seen in high school.

The goal of the commission would be to give youth their own voice in city politics. A voice that without the presence of the Youth Commission is all too often dismissed or ignored.

The Youth Commission would serve as an advisory body to the City Council representing the current needs and issues of the city’s youth. A Youth Commission would formally meet to discuss current news, upcoming programs, existing policies and other pertinent subject matters. The goal of the Youth Commission is to be the voice of the Lowell teen community.

What would Youth Commissioners do?

Encourage teen leadership and responsibility through involvement. Create opportunities for public discussion of teen issues through meetings, workshops and conferences. Explore and identify issues and concerns of special importance to teens and communicate those issues to the City Council and other departments. Look for ways to promote mutual understanding, respect and communication amongst teen groups of all cultures and backgrounds

Currently, the city has 27 boards and commissions, but not the youth commission, while other cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth and the country has one. Yem feels that the addition of this commission would add great value and a level of understanding between various age groups in the city.

Upcoming Lowell Citywide Neighborhood Council –  Lowell City Council Candidate Night

Topic: Civic Improvements & Code Enforcement
When: Monday, Oct. 19th … 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Dom Polski Club, 10 Coburn Street (enter from Lakeview Ave), hosted by the Centralville Neighborhood Action Group
CNC 2015 officers: Deb Forgione, President;
Ann Marie Page, Vice President; Nancy Judge, Treasurer; Carol McCarthy, Secretary

Please join Lowell’s neighborhood groups in this our 2nd City Council Candidates Forum this Fall. Each night will focus on topics critical to our City’s future. Residents from across the City are encouraged to attend as many forums as possible. Candidates for School Committee will be announced if in attendance.

The public is invited to attend. Bring Family, Friends and Neighbors

“City Wide Neighborhood Council is made of neighborhood groups that meet monthly”

Mickey Ward , Dropkick Murphy’s Ken Casey part of group to buy Spinners? 

According to the Boston Globe: 

Boxing promoter Lou DiBella is putting together a group to make an offer to purchase the Lowell Spinners, the Red Sox’ short-season Single A team, which is up for sale. DiBella, a Tufts and Harvard Law graduate, created the HBO platform for boxing and also owns the Richmond Flying Squirrels, a Giants affiliate. DiBella’s group includes Lowell native Ken Casey, frontman of the Dropkick Murphys, and former boxer Micky Ward. Spokesman Bob Trieger said the group would like to keep the team in Lowell.

Party this Week