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Numbers show even with busing School Demographics fluxuate

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Those candidates who claim we should go back to “Neighborhood” schools need to look at the diversity in the city and in the school system and see we have an imbalance even with the busing, before proclaiming we should eliminate the busing and return to neighborhood schools.

The Lowell School Department is presently doing a comprehensive study to determine if it would be even feasible though I have not yet heard a candidate talk about waiting for the results before proclaiming we should return to neighborhood schools. Wonder if any of them even know a study is underway?

One thing that is already known is there are not enough school buildings in some sections of the city to accommodate all the students in every grade, so some busing would need to continue.

So before supporting anyone who wants to say we no longer need busing to meet the Federally mandated Desegregation policy, shouldn’t we wait until we have some facts from the School Department?

Here is a breakdown from the state website of some of the Middle Schools in different parts of the City.

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