Sunday Notes October 25 2015

Lowell City Council

Lowell City Council

Bring them All Back

With just over a week to go before the Election has any Council Candidate made any proposal or submitted any idea that makes them the guy you just have to have in there? Some have made suggestions on programs but a 2nd glance shows they didn’t do enough background checking before sharing their idea.

A Candidate proposed ” The first Lowell youth commission” however one of my loyal readers reminded me that the City had a youth Commission in the 1990’s.

Former School Committeeman Mike Gallagher asked then Mayor Bud Caulfield to create one along with the City Council and the Mayor created the Mayor’s Joint Youth Commission.

A youth commission is still a good idea and tomorrow I’ll have a post highlighting what the past commission was able to accomplish.

Another candidate suggested we keep an eye on the Angel program Gloucester police and now many other communities use but then suggested something that is NOT taking place in Falmouth.

2. We need to take a page from Falmouth’s book. They are sending out drug counselors with first responders so that when Narcan is administered and an addicts life is saved, a professional is there to steer them towards detox and then rehabilitation. I, like many of us have read about addicts literally walking away from what would have been their death had first responders not arrived with Narcan in time

What is taking place is a follow up visit to OD victims by Falmouth Police with a Drug counselor from a Detox Facility who have donated the worker. A big difference from sending a drug counselor out with first responders but it may be something to look into.

Everyone else is for public safety, economic development, mom, apple pie and working with the manager, ULowell and the delegation.

I may not always agree with this council or individual councilor’s but this council has added police, jump started the Hamilton canal, given tax breaks to get the Prince Factory renovated and filled with a new business and have responded to neighborhood concerns.

I can’t say that there is any reason to not bring the eight councilor’s running for re-election back. Lowell voters should return all eight!

That leaves one open spot and in my view the strongest challengers are former councilor’s Vesna Nuon and Joe Mendonca along with School Committee members Jim Leary and Dave Conway and Paul Ratha Yem.

Only one can win unless Councilor Belanger finishes out of the top nine has he did in the preliminary. Believe it or not I’m rooting for Corey to return!

Mayoral Fight

I’ve gone on record supporting Rodney Elliott for Mayor for a 2nd term, mainly because he has done an outstanding job representing the City and secondly because the last term he served has a councilor he acted like a spoiled petulant disruptive child and was the main reason for tension and fighting on the council. Something his fellow councilor’s allowed and forget when they talk about how this council gets along. Give a spoiled brat what he wants and he usually behaves. This time he excelled!

While I would not reward a child for acting the way Councilor Elliott acted, in the Mayor’s role Rodney has excelled. You could not ask for a better representative or advocate for Lowell. Is the danger of a returning rotten Rodney enough to secure 5 votes for Mayor?

Eileen Donoghue was the last two term Mayor and it might be tough for Rodney to repeat. Ed Kennedy is the longest serving Councilor (including his service twenty plus years ago) to never have served as Mayor and I understand he would welcome the chance to serve. Ed is well respected and well liked by most of his colleagues.

If Corey gets back in I’m guessing that Rita and he would support Rodney. Ed Kennedy might have Jim Milinazzo and Bill Samaras which leaves John Leahy, Dan Rourke and whoever fills that 9th spot being the keys for the Mayors post.

Rourke or Leahy could emerge has alternative or compromise candidates if neither Elliott or Kennedy can secure the required 5 votes.

Best Campaign moves I’ve seen
1) Jim Leary Skyping into the Candidating Forum
2) Dave Conway sending a Facebook group message asking for consideration for a vote
3) Jim Milinazzo bringing out his Yard Sticks

Candidating #2

Join the Coalition for a better Acre along with Lowell Votes this Wednesday at the Lowell Senior Center for a 2nd round of Candidating, this time with the Lowell School Committee Candidates. You get to meet and hear from all those interested in being your next School Committee member in a small group. The fun begins at 6:00 pm

School Dismissed…oh wait No it isn’t!

This week the Greater Lowell Tech had a power outage and didn’t think they would be able to make lunches so they sent out a robocall saying school would be dismissed early. Then the power came back on and another robocall cancelling the first robocall was made. Some parents were upset that they made arrangements to leave work…most students were upset the power came back on.