Why is Mass Republican State Party paying for mailings in Municipal Elections?

I like many received a few City Council flyers in the mail this past week, here are three samples, can you see what the difference is with the middle one?

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Until I listened to George Anthes on City Life yesterday morning, I didn’t notice anything. I got the fact Jordan Gys was endorsed by the Governor, but I didn’t notice his mailing was donated by The Republican State Committee from Boston.


The permit belongs to the RSC (Republican State Committee) which is why the return address is BOSTON and not Lowell like Conway and Yem’s mailings are. (FYI Yem’s was mailed from the printer’s in Worcester)

Yesterday a 2nd Republican Sponsored mailing arrived..

I wonder if the SUN noticed the first mailing and that’s why this bit of info was in Sunday’s Sun political Column

LOWELL’S DEEP blue in one of the bluest states– that’s not news.

But a look at candidates running in the non-partisan Nov. 3 election shows just how rare a Republican running for office is. Of the 18 City Council candidates, 12 are Democrats, four are unenrolled and only two are Republicans.

The two Republicans running for the council are Jordan Gys, endorsed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, and Joseph Mendonca, a former councilor who has been prioritizing budget oversight. Gys told The Column his party affiliation has played a minor role, and that “a lot of folks involved in my campaign are lifelong Democrats” who aren’t aware he’s a Republican.

So why is the Republican Party getting involved in a local nonpartisan election?

We know Gys often tells us how much he did to assist the Baker Campaign:
Gerry I knocked on well over 20,000 doors. I worked 7 days a week on the Baker Polito campaign. The only time I wasn’t campaigning was when I was sitting in a classroom. After work I’d go home and do school work, sometimes getting as little as three hours sleep a night. My grades felt it bad. I don’t come from a wealthy or political family. I had to out work everyone who’s mommy and daddy had connections.
So is this just a THANK YOU from the State Party?

There had prior to the preliminary, been speculation that GYS was being “groomed” to be the next Republican challenger for Dave Nangle’s seat, should Nangle get an appointment in the Baker Administration (The irony there is Gys already got a job in the Baker administration and would have to give it up if elected). Is the mailing just the Republican Party working on getting out Gys name?

Is this just a case of Gys who according the the OCPF doesn’t have a lot of contributors taking advantage of the offer by the party?

I don’t recall the Democratic State Committee or even G.L.A.D doing mailings for Municipal Candidates. Would they? Should They? Would having municipal candidates declaring a party get more people interested and out to vote?

Is the Republican State Party, desperate for candidates hoping they can begin to form a bench by supporting a collection of municipal candidates to be able to call on them and put them up as challengers for the House, Senate and Statewide Office?

I’m told by a long time Lowell Republican who actually has held elective office that “The State committee has made it known in the past that it could do a mailing as an in-kind contribution. The candidate would have to prepare and provide the mailing list.”

So should Gys be congratulated for taking advantage of a group willing to assist his election or should party politics stay out of nonpartisan municipal elections?


Published by Lowell School Committeeman Gerry Nutter

I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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  1. Mr Nutter
    George Anthes has been trying to make a big deal out of this, but I thought you would steer a better course, or at least call and ask. I am assuming you didn’t call the Candidate, and for sure you didn’t call me. When I talked to the State Committee yesterday there was no mention of you calling. Yesterday I tried to explain to George that, on Friday, he misunderstood Ms Kathy Richardson.

    There are two issues here. The first is if this is all legal. I think it is legal. The Mass Republican State Committee is accepting a donation and returning in kind services (the mailing). This time of year their equipment is idle. Why not help out? And, why not try to encourage a farm team?

    The second question is if it is ethical. For me, it is. If it wasn’t that their permit is registered to them, there would be no indication of their involvement. They are not making a donation. While the Governor had endorsed Mr Gys, the Party has not, and neither has the Lowell Republican City Committee. And didn’t our US Rep, Ms Tsongas, endorse someone?

    If you think the Democrat apparatus doesn’t help out this or that candidate, then I would like to talk to you about some land in Florida.

    Cheers — Cliff

    1. Cliff,

      I’ve never questioned the legality..just why a State Party is inserting itself into a nonpartisan election and whether they are doing so to build a farm team. Is there an issue with asking the question? George has his own conspiracy theory and Kathy Richardson had nothing to do with me reading a mailing return address. I’m NOT an investigative reporter…I don’t have to call anyone for anything…this is my BLOG with my questions and I’m asking WHY now? I’ve been around 40+ years and never before noticed a State Party doing a mailing. I never mentioned the City committee which I know has little involvement in many things.

      Regards – Gerry

  2. Gerry

    Back before you were born there were Republicans in many places in Massachusetts. Then they mostly died off. Now the remnants of that group wish to bring back the horde. Do you see a problem with that? Is this like the Hillary Clinton view that the only good Republican is a Convert to the Democrat Party? And, I never doubted this was YOUR Blog. On the other hand, you ARE an investigative reporter. You investigate all sorts of things that interest you, to the benefit of all.

    As J____ M_____ has said in the past, a stronger Republican Party would be a benefit to the Democrats in Massachusetts.

    Regards — Cliff

    1. I take issue with any party inserting itself in a non partisan election. Why should a party help one candidate? In this case in probably will have little to no effect but still I don’t think it is proper.

  3. Gerry

    If you can say that no other parties are doing it, that is one thing. Otherwise it is another.

    Regards — Cliff

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