Sunday Notes November 1st 2015


Fun with Numbers
When the SUN ran their story Wednesday about where members of “Major City Departments” live (aka Union members) the story stated ” Teachers (1,073 employees) Lowell: 392 employees, Police Department (244 employees) Lowell: 114 employees, Fire Department (190 employees) Lowell:100 employees.

In a Story In today’s Sun the numbers appear different.

In Lowell, union members may need to vote in lockstep with their colleagues, or to persuade family and friends to support their cause, to overcome relatively small numbers as voters.

Among the 1,702 members in the United Teachers of Lowell union, 657 are registered voters in Lowell and are registered to vote in the city, according to data from the school department. Lowell has 476 municipal workers who also live in the city, according to City Hall. Of those, 422 are registered to vote

Maybe the first article didn’t include all members of that “Major Department” known has the School dept. and just included Classroom teachers and not the entire UTL unions which includes cafeteria workers, security personal and Paraprofessionals, btw according to a graph included with today’s story, the UTL have 827 members who are Lowell residents of which 657 are registered voters in Lowell.

Maybe because they are in separate unions or not in unions it didn’t seem to include Principals, Asst. Principals or administrators. Are those employees included in today’s numbers?

Whatever the case adding 700 members after omitting them just helps to prove my point that it was a political anti-Union hit piece.

They claimed it was a look at where employees of these Major Dept. live. So how come the School side grew by 700 since it was published earlier this week if it wasn’t just a union hit piece?

That article appears to have just targeted teachers and even then NOT all of that Union.

Seems the story was slanted to fit a certain conclusion that was predetermined from the outset and numbers manipulated to show the wanted results. You would have thought Lyle Moran returned to write it.

The first article identified 214 police and fire personal living in Lowell, out of 434 employees in those two departments. Today the article states Lowell has 476 municipia employees.

So the good news the Sun wants to share is that the public safety workers who live in Lowell make up almost 50% of all Lowell residence who are City workers, which includes The DPW, ( Streets, building maintenance, Parks,)Health,Inspectional Services, Library, Clerks, Treasurer, Water Dept., Wastwater Dept, Parking dept. City Administration make up the other 262.

The SUN told us that we have 434 police and fire personal the other day and today’s story then tells us Lowell has 476 municipal employees’.

Aren’t public safety workers municipal employees? Are part time or seasonal workers who are paid with city funds included in the number of municipal employees?

We may never know but it shows how much fun you can have with numbers.

Who isn’t making Endorsements?
The SUN endorsed 8 current councilor’s and the return of one former one. The radio station also endorsed all incumbents then said anyone of these 4 or 5 would be good (way to take a stand) and the UTL and labor made endorsements. Outgoing School Committee member Kim Scott has endorsed some people and even JMAC from the PULSE made endorsements.

Do any of them matter? I’ve never convinced they mean anything to anyone but the people and special interest that do the endorsement. We will see on Tuesday if they helped or not!

I’d endorse people but that might hurt more than help so I”ll skip that process. I’ve shown that I’m average at calling results but I can’t help it I enjoy predicted order of finish based on 8,00-9,000 voters.

Council: Mercier – Elliott – Kennedy – Leahy- Rourke – Milinazzo – Leary – Samaras – Belanger – Mendonca – Conway – Nuon – Gys – Yem – Khim – Hogan – So – Merrill

Committee: Mercier – Descoteaux – Gendron – Martin – Doherty – Gignac – Kay – Hoey – Opara – Farmer – Roux – Lay

Best of a new batch
In my view, if the following Newcomers don’t get elected this time, they should find a way to stay engaged and involved in the community and consider running again.

Council: Cheth Khim – Jordan Gys – Paul Ratha Yem

School Committee – Chris Roux – Dominik Lay – Kamara Kay

Water over the Dam

I love the people who instead of being happy or at least relieved that the City received a TIGER grant that will allow Lowell to take ownership of 8 Bridges from Enel and make them usable for Lowell traffic instead hate Enel so much because of the Bladder Dam that they ignore FACTS spoken by the City Manager, the Congresswoman and UMASS Lowell people who have all stated that BY LAW and the Agreement Enel inherited they only are required to maintain bridges Only to specs as originally built.

Instead they whine and complain about “bailing out a multi-million dollar Italian Company. It was done in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CITIZENS OF LOWELL…to help traffic and public safety..get over you whining about the dam DAMN!

CEP a Success

Congratulations to Supt. K and his administration for the success of the CEP program in Lowell. Meals are up over 9% and the breakfast participation is increasing. Sharon Lagasse and her staff from Aramark are doing an outstanding job working with the individual schools and with many programs such as Farm to School and the New England Dairy Council to offer various choices and expanded selections.

Nationwide the C.E.P program is growing

Challengers missed the opportunity to jump on the C.E.P prgram and to showcase what a great deal it is for the city and all parents, students.


Published by Lowell School Committeeman Gerry Nutter

I've been interested in Schools since I worked at the Greater Lowell Tech and substitute taught in Dracut. I've followed the finances and issues with the Lowell School for the past 8 years while blogging and contributing to Saturday Morning Live! Currently serving my 1st term.

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