Current Lowell School Dept. Budget proves Mayor stating inaccurate info on Teachers Ave Salary

UPDATED: For those asking, if you include the items listed on page 33 in the Budget Book under Employee Benefits & Retirements of $15,626,478 and add that to the Total Salary Sum on Page 9 of $106,971,409 then divide by the 1,702 employee’s of the school dept that makes the “Average” Salary $72,031.66

Lowell teachers are among the top-paid teachers in Massachusetts. If money is the measure of value, Lowell teachers and staff are among the most valued in the state. The average teacher salary in Lowell is $79,000.

Mayor Rodney Elliott in Sun Column on November 3rd.

However if you look at the School Dept 2016 Budget on Line, specifically page 9 in the pdf presentation you see the following very CLEARLY!

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 9.21.37 AM

No wouldn’t you think the self proclaimed “Fiscal Watchdog” would have a better understanding of what was in the Budget that he has a member of the School Committee oversee’s?

If you use the number of Teachers that the Lowell Sun used in their October 28th attack article on the number of employees that number would be 1,073. If you divided the $73,758,402 number shown specifically for the UTL that makes the “Average” Teacher’s Salary” $68,740.35

If you wanted to use the Lowell Sun’s Numbers from Sunday Nov. 1st which jumped to 1,702 that would drop the “Average Salary” to $43,336.31

If you take the TOTAl Salary shown here of $106,971,409 and divide that by a Total of 1,702 people employed in the entire School Dept. that brings the average salary to $62,850.42

Suffice to say that even if you included Health Insurance and Holiday’s I’m not sure that would bring the number up to the $79,000 the Mayor’s claiming as the average Salary.

Which worries me even more that I am correct and he is more intent on building a political legacy than actually working with the Teacher’s Union and improving the Lowell School System.