A Return of the SOCK Puppet?


sock pup·pet
a simple hand puppet made from a sock.
a false online identity, typically created by a person or group in order to promote their own opinions or views.

If you recall a few years back a Lowell Council Candidate was accused of using sock puppets to promote their candidacy. Now comes rumors that the sock puppet and perhaps the same puppet master may have made a comeback this election season including writing a letter on Facebook pitching Rodney Elliot for Mayor yesterday.

Over the past few days multiple people have contacted me about this stupid and pretty transparent stunt.

This puppet is so obvious and disrespectful that the very respected and popular leader of the KhmerPost who has been a victim of this old political trick asked her friends for help in outing this person and getting them off Facebook.

She and others have figured it out and if they can and will present positive proof, I will publish the name of that person!

I don’t believe nor find it believable that Mayor Elliot would know or support this type of Political dirty trick especially if it involved attacking a women so respected as Soben Pin.

Rodney has always been a very respectful person and would never in my opinion stoop this low. However some of his more obsessed perverted supporters might.

I will unfriendly this phony and hope any of you do the same.