Sunday Notes November 22 2015

Has anyone ever seen Lamont Cranston, Donkey Socks , Sokha Chum and Sam Meas in the same room at the same time?

Interesting times ahead in Lowell Politics and for this supposedly “Kumbaya” Council. Cracks are beginning to develop and Council meetings could take it a more nasty tone if this turns into a full 6-3 fracture.

Ed Kennedy has the votes for Mayor and now has a commitment from Jim Milinazzo to be a sixth vote. No word yet if Councilor Mercier will also support Councilor Kennedy while Councilor Belanger is more or less obligated to stay loyal. Elliott says in today’s paper the race is over yet Rodney’s Roosters are pecking away trying to create some fictitious need to keep him in office. A fact Elliot claims to be aware of but not one he requested or so he says and it was reported in Chris Scott’s Column Blog on Friday:

Elliott said is aware of a petition circulated by Sam Meas to keep him in the mayor’s office. Meas is known in these parts for having run unsuccessfully as a Republican against Rep. Niki Tsongas in 2010. Then, in 2012, he ran unsuccessfully for a Methuen-Haverhill state Senate seat. “The Southeast Asians are very concerned and they’re very involved in he community,” Elliott said. “But I haven’t asked anyone to do anything. I absolutely, unequivocally didn’t ask anyone. They took it upon themselves.” Meas did not return a message left on his cell phone –

There is no denying Rodney is and has been for the past two years, a great ambassador for the City but there is no need or upcoming event that requires he stay in office.

In fact it could be just the opposite! He has made his and the school committee’s inability to settle the Teachers Union contract personal towards the Teachers Union President and that has caused more unnecessary tension. Removing him from the talks may help.

If he admits it is over, why hasn’t he in the spirit of unity come me out and stated that he will also support Kennedy?

If it’s over why are the JMAC- Meas-Daley group pushing hard for him to stay? Are the rumors of this group supposedly targeting Dan Rourke and Bill Samaras with some sort of political payback just bubble fodder or actual?

This is the group that supposedly targeted Lorrey, Nuon and Mendonca in 2013 and were successful? Will they succeed in 2017? Bubble fodder has Elliott especially outraged at Rourke and has a result State Rep. Golden and people perceived to be in that camp.

Last year we heard Mayor Elliott sing “and I never will be the wild councilor no more”

In the next two years we will get to see if that song along with the Mayoral character we have seen from Rodney are real or just for show? Is the petty political disrespectful Elliott we saw in the final two years of the Lynch Administration the real Rodney?

Loyalty to office not to Employer doesn’t help job prospects!

Nice to see Corey Belanger staying loyal to Elliot. To bad he didn’t show that loyalty to the Wamesit Lanes. Unlike Elliot they gave him a paycheck. I don’t see the Elliot Group hiring! Showing more concern to a part-time low paying political office over a real job to support yourself doesn’t help any future job prospects.

Superintendent in Spotlight

Lots of eyes will stay focused on the school Superintendent until he releases the “findings” from his task force gathered to review the processes at the High School and how they were or were not followed. If you recall he addressed some rumors in late October about this task force.

Good Morning Mr. Supt.

Can you address a few rumors so we can clear them up:

1) Did Headmaster Martin have any input into members selected for the task force you put together to review the handling of the texting issue?

SUPT: Good Morning Gerry,
The headmaster did not have any input at all. I alone selected the members after I consulted several community leaders unaffiliated with the schools.

2) The task force hadn’t met yet

Supt: Four members of the task force met twice already. The fifth member will joined them at their third meeting. In the meantime he is being given all the material handed to the first four. I also believe one of the first four members has offered to meet with him to brief him on their first two meetings.

3) Nothing will be announced or decided until after the Election
Supt: I have asked the task force to try to warp up their work within a couple of weeks. There was never nor there will be any consideration of the elections.

It is almost December, people are watching and wondering when the results will be released?

Cost for Module or Portable Classrooms

The school department is going to need some additional classroom space. A quick Google search found these two items which makes me concerned about where the money for these items will come from and which programs may have to be eliminated to fund them?

Portable Classroom Average Costs
Portable classroom trailers are far less expensive than modular buildings. They can be leased for anywhere from $100 to $500 per month and purchased from $15,000 to $45,000. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay several thousand upfront for delivery and setup. With a lease, plan on spending $10,000 or more the first year and $1,500 to $6,000 every year thereafter.

Washington State 2015 Project Estimate
Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.59.06 PM

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