Mayor’s Opioid Task Force Announced

The Mayor has announced his initial Task Force to help in the fight against Opioid abuse. This seems to be the initial list with the caveat of adding members. All present members are great fits and bring knowledge and understanding about the crisis.

However at first glance there seems to be some notable people slighted or omitted from this task force.

My Top 5 most notable omissions from the Task Force are:

State Rep. Tom Golden – One of the first people in this City to lead awareness and address this crisis

City Councilor Dan Rourke – A proponent of getting 1st responders to carry and administer narcan and a member of the Probation dept. who deals with these types of issues on a regular basis.

School Committeeman (elect) Bob Gignac – a proponent back when he served on the School Committee a few years ago of educating our school students on this danger. He has been vocal on the need to address this in the School system.

John Chemaly or anyone from Trinity Ambulance – People who are on the front line everyday of this crisis

David Daley or anyone from Patriot Ambulance – Again people who deal with this issue in the greater Lowell community.

The Mayor does state he envisions the possibility of adding additional members, so any or all could be asked to join.

Mayor’s Task Force

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