PLEASE Help ME, help the Salvation Army! I NEED MANY MANY MORE OF YOU!


I’ve restarted Gerry’s Radiothon Challenge for the Salvation Army to see if I along with my friends and family can help out. So far a few have stepped up! PLEASE I NEED MANY MANY MORE OF YOU!

The Radiothon to benefit the Salvation Army is two weeks away. I’m away this weekend for family commitments but I desperately need your help helping the Salvation Army.

The big auction items are great and the donations from the Elected Officials and the larger donors are awesome but it’s the smaller $5, $10 and $25 donations that help us to reach our goals to help those in Greater Lowell who are in need.

I’m asking again this year for a little help from my family, friends, many Facebook and Blog “friends” and from my wonderful extended family. This year more than ever we are hearing from the Captains that things are tough, donations are down and people seeking assistance is up.

If you are one of my many great family members, friends of the family, if you were one of my kinder-cuties, baseball players, Cyoers, In-house or swim team members, if you hung around the Tavern or if we are related through marriage,if we grew up together, chaperoned or coached together, my fellow LHS Class of 1980 members, you like or dislike my blog,

If I have helped you advertise a fundraiser or promoted an event for you or for whatever reason you know me or my family in any way, I am asking / challenging you, from my heart with love that you make a donation of at least $20 to the Salvation Army of Lowell this Holiday Season by Saturday December 12th.

I have 51 First Cousin, 445 Blog Followers, 500 Linked In Contacts, 667 Facebook friends, AND MANY MANY FRIENDS OF THE EXTENDED NUTTER FAMILY.

IF 250 of you would PLEASE send in a contribution we could help many families during this Holiday season.

Please send a check (of any amount, I’m asking for $20 but will gladly take $5 – $500) directly to:
The Salvation Army 150 Appleton St, Lowell, MA 01852 C/0 Gerry’s Radiothon Challenge