Sunday Notes December 5th 2015

Aside from people being able to say ” Well at least they tried” and kissing up to the local newspaper, what benefit comes out of releasing one sided Executive Session Notes?

How about trying to distract people from the fact that these four members who finish serving this month could not get done UTL contract, could not keep a Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent but did manage to approve violating the existing Teacher’s Contract and cost the City / School Dept. $800,000.00…

Remember the Committee can settle grievances BEFORE they go to arbitration, so MAYOR ELLIOTT and the other three Committee members on their way out the door had the chance to stop illegal actions in violation of a contract but chose to agree with continuing the violations and instead fight and cost the taxpayers money! That is a FACT!

The Sun takes a shot at new CFO for the School Dept. saying rumors that he would get the job were true and how that seems to happen in Lowell…like when EVERYONE knew Kevin Murphy would be the City Manager!

Time for some Clarification and Outside the Box thinking

New School Committee CFO does face some challenges but he and the new Supt. need to clarify some of the expenses.

1) The School Budget shows roughly $2,810,968 in Administration cost along with a City Chargeback cost of $1,411,394.00. That’s a total of $4,222,362. Are we sure there is no duplication of effort here?

2) The city chargeback for MIS is $594,054.00 and the School Budget shows another (again roughly) $636,669.00. That’ a total of $1,230,723.00 We need to look to make sure there is no duplication of effort.

3) We spend almost $3.4 Million dollars to bus not only Public school students but Private and Charter Schools students all around the city. Mainly because we designate some schools as City-Wide. Because of that if a student goes to Jeanne D’arc and live off Clark Road, we pay for the busing.

Transportation cost are NOT counted toward Net School Spending requirements.

When the Lowell Collegiate Charter School opens near the Rourke Bridge in the fall, Lowell will have to add more buses. That cost is somewhere between $200,000-$400,000.

IF we could find way to create zones that included a K-8, Elementary and Middle and eliminate the Citywide designation, then we could use less buses, go back to the neighborhood school concept and save somewhere between $500,000 – $800,000.

That I believe would mean that private and charter schools would to have to fund citywide buses for their schools if they wanted to continue buses citywide.

4) We spend another almost $3.9 million dollars in Special Education transportation. What if we move the Freshman back into the main building? We only have 3,000 students at present time and the Freshman Academy used to be the City Magnet School. What if Lowell was able to offer some Special Ed Services there? We could take in students from other districts also and be able to reduce transportation cost while generating additional funding.

The Food Service Contract is up this year, busing contract next year. It’s time to get creative!