Special Saturday Night Issue of Sunday Notes – December 20th 2015

The Lowell Sun has been doing these type of Christmas Presents for as long has I can recall and much better in the past than of late. I stole the idea and have used it off and on over the past few years and they have their version in Sunday’s paper so I figured I’d get a jump on them and publish mine tonight.

These are what I would give some of our elected, appointed and wannabe officials.


Mayor Rodney Elliott – A Rally in front of City Hall next Saturday by the Cambodian Community (and JMAC) celebrating the Mayor for his outreach to the community and promising to invite him to many more functions. A custom reversible Dart Board with pictures of Paul Georges and Dan Rourke on either side.

Mayor Elect Kennedy – A copy of Who’s Who in the Cambodian Community , a map so he can find Cambodia-town here in Lowell and a course from outgoing Mayor Elliott on how to make people believe you’re sincere , warm and charming.

Manager Murphy – A Public vote on Manager Murphy’s $10,000 Raise or a public City Council Evaluation – Sorry that gift was meant for former Manager Bernie Lynch

Manager Murphy – He got most of HIS Council back, got a $10,00 raise with no public vote, sub-contracted his job so that Healy runs finance and McGovern Operations, has the full backing of the SUN and Ted Panos and needs only 1 more year from April to have his retirement set. What the hell else could he want or need??

Lowell School Supt Salah Khelfaoui – A case of instant Cement to plug all the leaks and rumors pouring out of the School Dept., a standing once a quarter lunch meeting with the City Manager, an introduction and regular meeting with the SUN Editorial Board and A good strong back brace since he has little to no support on the School Committee or in the School Dept.

Almost Lowell School CFO Kevin McHugh – Best wishes for a speedy recovery if the reports of surgery soon are true. Good reason to pass on Lowell job. Health and Family first. Merry Christmas

City Councilor Corey Belanger – Tips from Jordan Guys on how to get a State Job, a new vest and a buyer for Wicked Irish!

Outgoing School Committeeman Dave Conway – Introduction to and an endorsement from Steve Panagiotakos, a chance to interview to be Mayor Kennedy’s aide (he has previous experience) and membership in the Belvidere Neighborhood Association so you can meet the people in the neighborhood.

City Councilor Dan Rourke – Diction lessons from Ben Opara, an official LFD hat and tee shirt and a Shot Spotter System of his own since the Manager seems to have yanked the one Councilor Rourke championed.

City Councilor John Leahy – He finished in the top 4 , served as Vice-Chair and has gained a great reputation as the next great Neighborhood Councilor (He’s the new BUD without the singing ability) Santa already gave him his present – He got his pal Leary back with him, now on Tuesday’s instead of Wednesday’s.

City Councilor-elect Jim Leary – An official I AM NOT a BULLY sweatshirt autographed by Kim Scott and KRS. The friendship of a State Senator or former State Senator to help him get elected (that’s a re-gift) from your friend Dave Conway and a chance to vote for ANYONE but RODNEY for Mayor!

State Rep. Dave Nangle – Many more years of Live radio broadcast from your excellent Lobster/Steak fundraiser, or the Deputy Director of Transportation Post.

Councilor Bill Martin – Nangle actually getting the The Deputy Director of Transportation Post and a promise note from Rita Mercier that this time she is NOT running.

Jordan Guys – Lesson in Campaign strategies and mailings from Big Decisions LLC complete with its own set of sock puppets.

Kamara Kay – Being Appointed the first official Mayoral Ambassador to the Cambodian Community but first an introduction to Mayor ED KENNEDY! Lunch with Kim Scott to discuss standardized testing and dinner with Jack Mitchell to discuss Minorities and the Republican Party!

State Rep. Rady Mom – A one on one race in the Democratic Primary against JMAC and One on One race against any Republican opponent in the finals to shut people up and prove you’re the real deal. An aide who responds better to constituents and media and get’s you out in your district more. A cell upgrade so you can call and reach out to the many who want to help you succeed.

School Committeeman Steve Gendron – More free Wednesday nights to attend School Committee meetings, A new copy of the Conflict and Ethics Laws and a front row seat at LHS graduation to hear the LHS Senior Class Presidents speech.

School Committeewoman Connie Martin – 5 Free school positions of her choice to fill, a letter from the Ethics Commission explaining clearly what she can or can’t do for CTI and no other School Committee members who are direct reports to her at CTI.

School Committee-elect Bob Gignac – His wish that the School Committee seating moves away from alphabetical order and an invite to join the Opioid Task Force from NEW Mayor Kennedy.

Dennis Mercier – An apology and explanation from the people of Lowell! BOB HOEY?? REALLY?? Bob Hoey??

School Committeeman- elect Bob Hoey – An invitation and directions to the dedication of the Greater Lowell Tech School Expansion when it’s complete. A book on diversity in the Schools and how to accept and deal with it and an invitation to join present day society and leave the 1990’s behind.

UTL – Executive-session minutes detailing negotiations with the School Committee and the United Teachers of Lowell union over a new contract will not yet be released to the public. The state-appointed fact-finder tasked with recommending a solution has ordered the minutes held until 10 days after the Feb. 2 fact-finding hearing. They are getting a new School Committee and Mayor also.

For a new friend who has been a lot of help – A sign for her office


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