Monday Quick Hits


So this came across my FB feed today – Kamara Kay For MA 18th Middlesex District State Representative

A Rady vs. Kamara match-up next November could be interesting.

Since I don’t live over there and I like BOTH gentleman I’m glad I don’t have to choose 1 over another (at least for now).

I think Kam may be hurting himself jumping in so early. Now every appearance intentional or not will look like nothing more than a campaign stop. He may have been wiser to keep up public appearances , being involved in issues / programs and built up good will then in April announce he was a candidate.

Now his presence and sincerity will be questioned fairly or not. Kam was being seen as a community activist who was championing issues. Now he will be viewed as a politician campaigning.

Rady is already a member of the house so any/all appearances are considered political outreach.


Heard that incoming Mayor Ed Kennedy has smartly begun to reach out to the Cambodian community and is assuring them of his intent to be a very visible Mayor. Rumors say he met with some prominent Cambodian community members in the past week and intends to do more outreach to them and the neighborhood groups.


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