Political Pettiness, Elliott showing true self!


“Given that he is leaving in less than two months, the next city manager should get to make the appointments,” said Elliott. Lowell Sun Jan 2014

Yesterday Mayor Elliott who in the role of Mayor has been the picture of a true statesman, appointed Dennis Mercier to the Opioid Task force, Dennis is a good guy and a good pick but the fact is the Mayor has a foot already out the door and using his own logic and statements he has made in the past, shouldn’t he stop making appointments and allow incoming Mayor Kennedy to make them?

Many were wondering if the Statesman persona would fade with the ending of his Mayoral term. The answer seems to be YES.

It’s been noted how incoming School Committeeman Robert Gignac who has been a vocal, leading advocate about the dangers of opioids has been snubbed by the current Mayor, mostly due to Gignac being close to former Mayor Murphy and not overly supportive of Elliott.

It has also been noted, No current or incoming School Committee member has been appointed to this Opioid committee.

If there was any doubt the evil councilor Elliott we saw in the final two years of Manger Lynch wasn’t coming back, these latest actions confirm that Rodney is showing his true selfish, all about him, self. He’s BACK!

Rumors say he was still trying to get some community members to lobby on his behalf as late has last week to remain Mayor. Incoming Mayor Kennedy actively doing outreach last week squashed any hope of that.

Aside from making appointments, snubbing political rivals and behind the screen politicking for Mayor have you noticed Mayor Elliott hasn’t pledged his support to Ed Kennedy nor requested Councilor’s Belanger or Mercier to do so?

He and for that matter Councilor Mercier and Belanger will talk the talk about a Council working together yet they all seem inclined to start the new year with the first Council vote bent 6-3! due to nothing but political pettiness.

Get ready for the return of Rowdy Roddy and longer Tuesday Night meetings.