A United Council until the “New” Mayor disrespects 3 members.


“Lowell residents want a City Council that runs as a team,” Mayor Ed Kennedy at yesterday’s inauguration.

It’s a good thing to say Mr. Mayor but when you then go and disrespect 3 members, it seems to be just empty words.

Unfortunately either through stupidity or cockiness you insulted three members including the very popular outgoing Mayor and the #1 vote getter in the city.

Why in the world would you single out Bill Samaras, Dan Rourke, Jim Milinazzo and John Leahy for qualities they have brought to the Council of the last term and then lump Mercier, Elliott and Belanger together and thank them for also contributing.

Contributing? Really that’s the best you could do even AFTER they all voted for you on the first ballot? You have potentially created a HUGE split.

What were you thinking? Did you really think people would not pick up on that? You opened a divide that they closed. They offered you an olive branch and you used it has a switch to whack them.

Rodney Elliott was an outstanding Mayor for the most part and represented the city excellently. You didn’t think that deserved a mention. You have huge shoes to fill following him and to his credit he never said anything publicly in the past two years against his fellow councilors the way you did yesterday.

Rita Mercier is the poster child for a great neighborhood councilor and has been the #1 vote getter forever. She contributes to everything and yet you minimize her seniority and status by lumping her with a first term councilor.

Like it or not Corey Belanger is the downtown Councilor and pushed hard to get the Hamilton Canal Project jump started. Would it have killed you to say that?

Mayor Kennedy you started off your term with a MAJOR blunder and need to apologize to those Councilors for the slight, whether intentional or unintentional. Since I know you knew BEFORE yesterday that all 3 would be voting for you on the first ballot, the excuse that the speech may have been pre-written doesn’t fly.

If you don’t correct this slight.. I can hear this beginning at tonight’s Council meeting from any of these 3 Councilors…..”In an effort to contribute , I’ll second that motion!”