A Few Reminders from the State OCPF

All local party committees will reorganize after the March presidential primary
Municipal-level party committees must reorganize after the March 1 presidential primary election before they can raise or spend money.

State law requires each committee (ward, town and city) to organize shortly after the primary to elect a chairperson, treasurer and secretary, according to the state’s Elections Division. There are more than 600 potential committees in the state from each party.

To complete the organization process, a committee will file an organizational form, available here. This form is filed in four locations — OCPF, Secretary of the Com- monwealth, the state party and the city or town clerk.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to organize.
Click here for a short tutorial for local party committees.

After Jan. 24, R6 Access will only be available to treasurers who have completed the required training module. All treasurers who file with OCPF must complete on- line training (except for local party committee treasurers) Click here to log in and complete the training.
OCPF’s lawyers are available to answer questions concerning the campaign finance law.
Our attorneys, Gregory Birne, Sarah Hartry and Maura Cronin, are available at 617-979-8300.

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