Sunday Notes January 10th 2015

TRUMP in Lowell


Donald Trump came to Lowell his week. 8,000 plus peopled filled the arena to listen and be part of the event. It was a show of American Democracy at its finest. Average Americans caring or curious enough about a candidate to stand in the cold for an hour or more to see what the fuss is all bout.

Sun Editor Jim Campanini has a great first hand write-up A ground-level sample of The Donald Experience in today’s Sun (focus section) which sums up the feeling of many including myself!

Epilogue: Something’s brewing!

As the impressive night comes to a close, I don’t know anything more or less about Donald Trump’s plans for America than when I first joined the line of spectators. It’s clear to me, however, that Trump is a phenomenon; rivals who underestimate his anti-establishment, anti-politically correct mantra are perilously ignoring a live (and highly charged) wire of the U.S. electorate. How so? A Washington Post reporter interviewed me earlier in the day, working off the premise that Trump shows up in places where he can attract an “angry America” crowd. I told her that while Trump’s strategy might be true, Lowell doesn’t fit the pattern. It is far from an angry place, especially on immigration where most Lowellians can trace their roots to hard-working immigrant ancestors dating back to the mid-19th century. I said the migration continues to this day, seamlessly, with immigrants from Southeast Asia, Iraq, Liberia, Libya and Pakistan. Trump didn’t come to Lowell to make a stand against immigration, I said. (My thoughts were borne out later at the Tsongas. While Trump’s call to stop “illegal immigration” elicited loud applause, so did his endorsement of “legal immigration” for those embracing American values.)

And that’s why Trump’s appearance in Lowell was so impressive. He attracted a largely white, every-day crowd of people who are bankers, teachers, truck drivers, nurses, police officers, grandparents, and college students — among others I saw and recognized.

What surprised me was the reaction and hypocrisy of some over zealot Democrats who attack people for having the nerve to show up. City Councilor Rita Mercier was criticized all over Facebook because like myself and thousands more, she accepted an invitation to see what the Trump phenomenon is all about.

I’d like to know how many of these people can show they protested and criticized people for attending a Ted Kennedy rally or voted for Ted even after he killed a young women and spent hours working on a coverup!

Trump may say things to shock and awe, may criticize and be disrespectful to women but he didn’t kill one nor did he while holding public office have sex with underlings and use his wife to attack these women once the stories came out.

So before attacking people for attending to see what the phenomenon is all about, look at who the Democrats have supported and held up has great leaders for their party.

Kennedy’s Mayoral Tenure

Mayor Ed Kennedy got off to a rocky start by singling out 4 individual fellow Councilor’s , (all who just happened to publicly support him weeks ago) during his inaugural address while lumping Councilor’s Mercier, Belanger and Elliott together and Thanking them for also contributing.

His next test will be how he fills sub-committees. Will Corey Belanger be removed from the Economic Development committee? Rumors say he is definitely out as Chair. Leary will probably take Kennedy’s position on the Education Partnership committee.

Will Kennedy replace Elliott has chair of the Finance subcommittee? Will he leave Elliott on that subcommittee at all?

These appointments will be watched closely and feed the possible rift rumors that have started to bubble.

Where’s Jackie?

I’ve received emails asking where Jackie Doherty is. It was noticed she wasn’t at the swearing in ceremony or first meeting but there has been nothing mentioned in the paper.

Whatever the reason let’s hope it is not a health or family serious issue and that she will return shortly.

Citywide Parent Council meeting

The next meeting of the Citywide Parent Council will be this Thursday January 14th at the Stoklosa School 560 Broadway St, Lowell, MA 01854. beginning at 6:30 All parents are invited to attend.