3 thoughts on “New Lowell Firearms Licensing Policy in this week’s Council Packet

  1. Is this motion going in front of the council? If so when? I would like to be there and hear what the have to say and further more hear it explained in lay man’s term’s. Not the “legal” words.

  2. And once again the wannabe carriers will show up and whine that their rights are being violated. Or that they can’t afford the fee ( How much did they pay for the gun(s) ?) And before a reader decides to trash me. I can cite at 3 instances in the past where things have gone wrong. And if you think you are going to be the exception to that, think again.

    • So, from Averell, I get the impression he would like to see these stricter rules applied to, say, the Chicago Police. They don’t all need guns and some of them obviously shouldn’t have them.

      Regards  —  Cliff

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