NRA and Townhall.Com pick up Lowell Firearm License Story


On the NRA Facebook page is this link to the Story about the revised Lowell License to carry firearms policy.

Here’s just a small portion of the story:

Massachusetts Town Subjects Gun Permit Applicants To An Essay Portion

Folks, I’m not joking with this one. Lowell, Massachusetts is going to require gun permit applicants to write an essay to explain why they’re exercising their Second Amendment rights. If a federal judge struck down California’s 10-day waiting period for gun owners as an unconstitutional infringement on their civil rights, then this essay portion should surely be struck down

Then they run a large part of the Lowell Sun story that mentions some of the requirements and conclude with:

The article added that the police superintendent “may unilaterally set the firearms policy.” The whole point of the Bill of Rights is what we don’t have to explain why we’re exercising them. These are rights that predate government. It’s an absolute disgrace that these residents have to explain one of the oldest civil rights codified in American law. Yes, I know this is anti-gun Massachusetts, but even folks from The Bay State like their guns.

Lowell recently has had a rather poor showing in court, losing the Pan Handler case and facing a possible $700,000 + Legal Bill and settling $800,000 for a series of teacher grievances. What makes them think they won’t lose here? Especially if the Calf. issue was ruled unconstitutional?

Where’s that vigilant Fiscal watchdog who was so concerned about spending $158,479.51 over 6 years for Healthcare and workers compensation surveillance? How much can the city spend in these lawsuits and losses ?

2 thoughts on “NRA and Townhall.Com pick up Lowell Firearm License Story

  1. The NRA didn’t simply pick this story up – someone called and complained. Although mental illness is the real problem associated with guns; NOT legal gun owners. The City of Lowell has yet another loser on its hands as it pertains to the City Solicitors Office and it policy makers. This was not well thought out and has more legal holes in it than Bonnie & Clyde’s get away car. While gang violence and their propensity for illegal handguns and illegal activity have been a long standing problem in the city for decades; we have luckily alluded public safety tragedies and scores of senseless violence because of dedicated police officers who continue to fight the good fight and risk their own lives. Superintendent Taylor has seen first hand the tragic implications of illegal guns and gang violence, as well as one of his rookie officers being faced with potential death as he exchanged gunfire with a would be Cop-Killer. His idea is both sound and noble, keep the public and his officers safe from gun violence. Unfortunately, as in California the “Gun Lobby” and the 2nd Amendment advocates will file suit and this will undoubtedly be struck down by a higher court. The City Council should be applauded for their efforts and support of the Superintendent of Police and his vigor to ensure those who live, work and visit the City of Lowell, as well as the thousands of students who are educated here are protected. But, the City Manager needs to find a legal team that is equally as demonstrative and that shall possess the legal ease as the NRA because this city solicitor is as usual woefully out gunned.

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