Superintendent Fails this test – Release on Incident USELESS !!!

Salah  Khelfaoui Sun Photo Bob Whitaker

Salah Khelfaoui
Sun Photo Bob Whitaker

Disclaimer – The following is my own opinion and not that of the Executive Board or any member of the Citywide Parent Council who may or may not get upset with me for posting but has a parent of a LHS student , a graduate of LHS (class of 1980) and a big mouth opinionated Blogger and regular on WCAP Saturday Morning Live heard from 6:00 am – 10:00 am I wasn’t going to pass on making my comments public.

Last week the Supt. passed a huge test and got the School Committee to follow his recommendations on the PARCC testing, I called it a win for him.

The way this report was released and information given to parents and the community is an epic FAIL or loss by him and his administration in my view.

Before this report was released he, the Headmaster, the families involved and lawyers on both sides should have met in a private session to review and discuss. The parents of all involved students but especially Anye Nkimbeng family deserved that.

Just as he had a special meeting after the incident occurred for all interested parents with a host of elected officials, law enforcement officials and school staff in attendance, the same type of meeting should have been held, the report reviewed and what actions have been put in place since the incident occurred discussed.

Instead it appears to have been released with little or no explanations to the press and others (Myself as a blogger and active parent wasn’t given a copy at all, I picked it up from the SUN).

The report by the special subcommittee looking into the texting incident at LHS was released today with more information redacted than supplied. I’ve attached it but there’s a lot of nothing including:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.55.51 PM

There’s no need for more investigations, there is still a racial problem at LHS with at least some students who seem to think they are more affluent or higher up in life than others and they let people know it on a regular basis. When this very week a WHITE LHS students says to another LHS student of Color that ” My father hates Cam Newton and hates all Black People” it becomes very clear that issues still exist at the School and in the larger community.

For those who expected a Headhunting, Firing or something along those lines, it was never going to happen nor in my humble opinion warranted.

If anyone thought that asking a student to pose with people who called him a NI**#R was an issue than you will no doubt be upset that the reports states that THE VICTIM WAS (but the school denied) TOLD HE WOULD HAVE TO TRANSFER TO ANOTHER CLASS AFTER THE SUSPENSIONS IF HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE IN THE SAME CLASS WITH ONE OF THE PERPETRATORS.

It was clear back when this occurred that one or two housemaster’s panicked and made stupid suggestions in an attempt to de-escalate not cover-up. The intention was to diffuse not bury or sweep. They made mistakes and the Headmaster admitted he did as well by not notifying the parents right away.

EVERYONE ! NO MATTER WHO, HAS SCREWED UP AT THEIR JOB OR IN THEIR LIFE AND IF YOU CLAIM YOU DON’T OR HAVE NEVER THAN YOU’RE A LIAR! People who wanted people fired have personal or political agenda’s that do not belong being pushed now or then.

I did not have high hopes that anything useful would come out of this report. It met my expectations.

What I had hoped was the the Superintendent would not simply releases a redacted report but better would release a list of items that have already been put in place to address some of the racial issues. He alluded this morning on WCAP that some things were in place like more training but he didn’t get into specifics.

In not issuing a letter outlining what has already been put in place and what is being discussed for more training and more education of students in the diversity and education on racial issues he leaves a huge hole that allows all the negative naysayers to take shots and talk of conspiracy and cover ups.

Hopefully a School Committee member will put in a motion asking the Superintendent to publish a letter /list IN THE NEWSPAPER AND POSTED ON THE SCHOOL DEPT’S WEBSITE , stating CLEARLY what has been put in place to educate the students on racial issues and racial tolerance, What has been put in place to ensure parents are notified immediately and What procedures have been adjusted and training given to staff in how to deal with racially sensitive issues.

Until the public is informed of what has been put in place and/or what is being discussed to put in place the public perception is that nothing has changed and this was just glossed over and will be forgotten in time.

I’m more informed and involved than many parents and that is exactly what it looks like to me!!!