Information that should have been released with Racial Report

This information should have been released with the report this past Thursday but the Supt. chose to not include it and instead put in this week’s School Committee Packet and it is on the Agenda for discussion.

December 9, 2015. A LHS Task Force was established to provide the Headmaster with recommendations on training, curriculum change, activities around staff and student cultural competence, and affirmation of diversity in the school. The committee is comprised of LHS students and staff. The committee plans to submit a full set of recommendations to the Headmaster by March 2016.

LHS administrators have committed to a new senior seminar entitled Diversity in America and will use Generation Citizen for further diversity work. The description of the course follows:

In this course, students will actively collaborate in an exploration of diverse voices in the history and society of Lowell, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States. Looking at a wealth of primary sources, the course will explore important and challenging issues in U.S. history and American current events around race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration and citizenship status. This course will include required reading, projects, teach-outs, short research papers, community interaction, and a final capstone project. Participation in Generation Citizen will be an integral part of the course. The topics to be covered will be determined with input of the students through consensus building at the start of the semester.

PREREQUISITE: This class will be limited to twenty-four students each semester, chosen on the basis of membership in the CCC Pathway or a 500-word essay application stating the student’s interest in the course and what the student thinks she/ he can bring to the class, including how he/ she thinks it will help her/him be a better citizen in Lowell, the state, and the country. Work will be accelerated and conducted as a university-level seminar. This course is required for all CCC Pathway seniors.

December 18, 2015
The Lowell Public Schools received a grant award from the Parker Foundation with support from Project Learn for the planning and implementation of a Diversity-in-Hiring Program, including a Courageous Conversations Training conducted with the support of the International Institute for Social Change. Plan implementation is scheduled from February 2016 through June 2016 with additional opportunity for funding for the 2016-2017 school year.

January 2016
A Restorative Justice Report will be shared with the LHS community and plans for implementation of recommendations will begin in February 2016.
In an effort to stop the use of the N-word at Lowell High, The Black Unity club has printed posters to post in classrooms. All staff have been reminded to continue to address students who choose to use the word, educate them of the offensiveness of the word and ask them not to use it in the future.