Clearing up Party Affiliation Question /Confusion on Census Form


Is there an error in the Census form sent out by the City?

Some Lowell residents think so and posted about it on Social Media.

Did anyone notice the error on the census form sent out by the City? It didn’t include Party Affiliation and I had to call Elections Commission to straighten out my issue. I asked what they were going to do to fix this problem, and they told me, “they’re looking into it”.

This snafu may cause people to show up to vote in the primary election and not be able to request the party ballot that they want.

We have enough problems with voting in the city and this mistake will add to them. This primary is very important and the process needs to be easier. I made calls to mayor and city manager’s office. We need to address this immediately!

I didn’t recall Party Affiliation being on previous forms or whether it was required or not. I’m told that the Sec. of State’s Office requested communities to list it but Lowell either had already printed or missed it.

To correct the oversight and clear up any confusion that some have, the City of Lowell will be mailing all registered voters a postcard showing whether they are registered as a Democrat or Republican along with information on how to change your Party Affiliation if you want to or find it in error.

You can find that information here also:
You can check your party enrollment by calling the Election and Census Office at (978) 674-4046.

If you wish to change your party enrollment for the Presidential Primary, you must do so on or before February 10, 2016. You may change your party enrollment by completing a new voter registration form in person, by mail, or online at