City projected to exceed Net School Spending by $5,694,458 in 2015/2016 Fiscal Year


Manager Murphy has touted his commitment to education and based on these numbers from the School Department you have to applaud his work along with the City Council!!

We learn in this week’s City Council Packet that according to numbers submitted by the Lowell School Dept. and verified by DESE

The City of Lowell EXCEEDED it’s Net School Spending in 2014/2015 by $1,154,957 and projected by DESE to exceed Net School spending in the 2015/2016 Fiscal year by $5,694,458

In less than 3 years the current administration with the support of the City Council has turned a three million dollar shortfall in the 2013/2014 school year to being projected to exceed the requirement by over $5,000,000 (That’s a $9.5 Million dollar swing)

Someone PLEASE explain to me how based on these numbers there can be a projected $1.1 Million dollar deficit? When the approved Budget was for $155,510,389??

Those of us not familiar with the ins and outs of municipal finances need some explanation and clarification.

Below are the reports submitted by the Lowell School Dept. and verified by DESE…