I think the students should be first 1st – UTL approves contract


The Sun has a story about the UTL ratifying the latest contract but the response of a senior teacher is appalling.

Minerva Tirado, who has taught in Lowell for 30 years, said the contract is OK but teachers deserve more.

She said teachers work harder than what they’re recognized for and need to be put first.

“We’re never going to be put first,” she said of the approved contract. “But it’s OK for now.”

It’s okay for now? Tell that to a newer teacher who gets very little from this contract except a higher possibility of a pink slip in June.

It is frightening to think that this teachers attitude reflects the attitude of other senior teachers. I was always under the impression that students should come first. Having manageable class levels, variety of learning tools, adequate time for lunch and recess.

Sad that a 30 year “educator” thinks their needs should come before the students, families or taxpayers of the city.