Curriculum and PARCC on next Citywide Parent Council Agenda

If you have concern about what is or isn’t being offered for curriculum in the Lowell Schools or have concerns and questions about PARCC testing than mark the date of March 10th on your calendar.

That is the next scheduled meeting of the Lowell Citywide Parent Council and former Lowell School Committee member and concerned parent KIm Scott is putting together an informative evening.

The meeting will be held at the Pawt. Memorial School beginning at 6:30 ending by 8:00 pm.
425 West Meadow Road Lowell, MA 01854

One more reminder – When I announced a movement to relaunch the Citywide Parent Council I stated in my post at that time

“The City needs a City Wide Parent Council or something like it and it can’t be run by a loud mouth blogger like myself.”

I recruited people who had shown an interest in the Schools. Chris Roux has work tirelessly in getting this group relaunched and in recruiting parents. Ben Opara is the calmest most easy going gentleman I have met who wants to build consensus among all people, he will be a very good leader. The foundation has been cast with Patrick Farmer aboard to assist and advocate along with being the secretary. Kim Scott had been a strong advocate for restarting the Citywide Parent Council while on the school committee , she has been involved with the CPC before joining the School Committee and now that she no longer serves she has time to dedicate to this cause.

I have helped by advocating and providing publicity but feel that I am also a bit of an anchor. You may have noticed that I have strong opinions and am not shy about sharing them. While that is valuable when writing a blog and contributing to 980 WCAP on Saturday Morning Live with Warren Shaw, it may reflect negatively on the CPC which isn’t fair to them.

I’m stepping back from being a face of the CPC to allow those who have ideas and a voice to be able to be heard over my big mouth. It is only fair to them. I will continue to promote their meetings, arrange for them to be on the Saturday show and offer advise and guidance to those who want it but to be fair to them, has I stated from the very start, I cannot and should not be he face of this very important group.

I urge all parents to join this group, support this group and advocate for your student.


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