Poll Questions on Inceasing Salary for Elected Officials

Councilors and School Committee members would like to hear what you think. Salary increase would not take effect until AFTER the next Election. Please take the time to vote if you are a Lowell resident.










2 thoughts on “Poll Questions on Inceasing Salary for Elected Officials

  1. Thank you for the poll Gerry. I think the whole compensation package needs to be considered, not just the pay. As a result, as is often the case, I have more questions, than answers. It is my understanding that in addition to salary, that City Councilors (CC) and mayor qualify for health insurance. Do you know what portion of the health care premium is paid for by the subscriber and how much is paid for by the city? Is it solely for the councilor or does it include family members? Do School Committee members –other than the Mayor –get health care benefits? Another question might be do council members, SC members and board members use this benefit, [or would they be paying more to have insurance through the city than they do through their employer]? About 3 years ago there was an issue with a board member, pension eligibility, and health insurance. Press coverage of the issue at the time indicated that the person who had lost their pension and health insurance would be unable to afford health insurance. I was left with the impression that it wasn’t simply the loss of the pension $$ that made health insurance unaffordable, but rather the health insurance costs to him as a board/commission pensioner was significantly more affordable to the subscriber than Mass Health –but that could be my memory. Which brings me to another portion of their compensation package -or potentially a portion of their compensation package. I understand that after a certain length of service that City Council members and board members are eligible for a pension. Do you know how many years it is for them to be vested [do the years need to be consecutive] and what percentage of their salary do they contributed to their pension? If they “retire” from city council, school committee or a board, are they eligible to continue their health insurance? [what is the on-going annual cost to the city for that to occur]?

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